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A Glossary of SF, Fantasy and Horror Terms

Voice of Youth Advocates 25(1): 10. April 2002.

A Life Less Ordinary

Cinefantastique 29(6/7): 12-13. November 1997.

A Parent's Guide to Harry Potter

Downer's Grove, IL: Intervarsity Press, 2005. 112 p.

A "Darkly Hypothetical Reality": "Gothic Realism" in 1940s Hollywood Horror

in: DeGiglio-Bellemare, Mario , Ellbé, Charlie and Woofter, Kristopher, eds. Recovering 1940s Horror Cinema: Traces of a Lost Decade. Lanham: Lexington, 2015. p. 3-26.

A "Private and Particular Hell": Mathesonian Noir in The Twilight Zone

in: Mathews, Cheyenne an Haedicke, Janet C., eds. Reading Richard Matheson: a Critical Study. New York: Rowman & Littlefield, 2014. p. 183-196.

A "Survivalist" Reads Octavia Butler

Reconstruction 13(3/4), 2013. (http://reconstruction.eserver.org/133/133_Clinton.shtml)

A "very specific skill set": Black Widow's Use of Language in The Avengers

in: Ginn, Sherry, ed. Marvel's Black Widow: From Spy to Superhero: Essays on an Avenger with a Very Specific Skill Set. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2017. p. 11-21.

A 'Do' List for Getting Your Literary Agent

in: Williamson, J. N., ed. How to Write Tales of Horror, Fantasy, and Science Fiction. Cincinnati, OH: Writer's Digest, 1987. pp.140-146.

A 'Sophisticated' Copy of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Firsts: The Book Collector's Magazine 10(7/8): 42-47. July/August 2000.

A 'Star Trek' is Born: Voyager

TV Guide 42(41): 14-20. October 8, 1994.

A (Brave New) World Is More Than a Few Gizmos Crammed Together: Science Fiction and Cyberculture

in: Ferro, David L. and Swedin, Eric G., eds. Science Fiction and Computing: Essays on Interlinked Domains. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2011. p. 167-188.

A (Post)Modern House of Pain: FearDotCom and the Prehistory of the Post-9/11 Torture Film,

in: Hantke, Steffen, ed. American Horror Film: The Genre at the Turn of the Millennium. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 2010. p. 58-74.

A (Sadistic) Night at the Opera: Notes on the Italian Horror Film

Velvet Light Trap 30: 65-75. 1992. (Also in: Gelder, Ken. The Horror Reader. London: Routledge, 2000. p. 324-335.)

A 17th Century Weird Play

Fantasy Commentator 3(4): 114-115.. Winter 1949/1950. (No. 24)

A 1929 Interview with ERB

Burroughs Bulletin ns. No 98: 26-31. Winter 2002.

A 2001 Miscellany

Science Fiction Times No. 460:2-3. November 1968.

A 50-year Journey Down the Yellow Brick Road

Jackson Citizen Patriot (Michigan) August 27, 1989. in: NewsBank: Film and Television 104:G6-7. 1989.

A Babylonian in Batavia: Mesopotamian Literature and Lore in The Sunlight Dialogues

in: Morace, Robert A./VanSpanckeren, Kathryn, eds. John Gardner: Critical Perspectives. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 1982. pp. 28-45.

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