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in: Tymn, M. B. and Ashley, Mike. Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Weird Fiction Magazines. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1985. pp. 816.

Cyrano & Verne: d’une Lune à l’autre

Tropics (Universite de la Reunion) No. 1: 105-114. December 2013.

Cyrano de Bergerac and the Polemics of Modernity.

New York: Columbia University Press, 1970. 288 p.

Cyrano de Bergerac auf der Gedankenreise zum Mond. Die naturwissenschaftlichen und technischen Bedingungen sozialer Utopien im 17. Jahrhundert

in: Heinecke, Berthold, ed. Science Fiction im Barock: Beiträge zur Tagung auf Schloss Hundisburg, vom 15. bis 17. Mai 2009,. Berlin: Weidler, 2013. p. 155-196.

Cyrano de Bergerac's Epistemological Bodies: Pregnant with a Thousand Definitions

Science Fiction Studies. 25(3): 414-432. November 1998. (Reprinted in: Evans, Arthur B., ed. Vintage Visions: Essays on Early Science Fiction. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan University Press, 2014.)

Cyrano de Bergerac: swordsman of space

in: Moskowitz, Sam. Explorers of the Infinite: Shapers of Science Fiction. New York: World, 1963. pp. 17-32. (Reprinted from Satellite, March 1959.) (Reprinted in Science Fantasy, No. 39, 1960.)

Cyrano's Right Stiff: Rockets to the Moon were only the Beginning,

in: Wright, Will, ed. The Image of Technology in Literature, the Media and Society. Proceedings, 2009 Conference of the Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Social Imagery. Pueblo, CO: University of Southern Colorado, 2009. p. 118-123.

Cyrano: The Life and Legend of Cyrono de Bergerac.

London: Simon and Schuster, 2008. 307 p. (Published in the US as: Cyrano: Adventures in Space and Time with the Legendary French Hero.)

Cyril Kornbluth, Science Fiction Writer, 35, Dies (Obituary)

Los Angeles Times p. 5. March 23, 1958.

Cyril Kornbluth: The Man

Science Fiction Fan 3(10): 9-11, 19. May 1939.

Cyril M. Kornbluth dead at 35; wrote science fiction stories

New York Times Sec. 1, p. 17. March 22, 1958.

Cyril M. Kornbluth: One of Science Fiction's Forgotten Greats

Strange Horizons [6 p.] January 3, 2005. (http://ww.strangehorizons.com/)

Czech Mate: Whedon, Capek, and the Foundations of the Dollhouse,

Slayage 8(2/3): [15 p.] Summer/Fall 2010. (http://slayageonline.com)

Czech Notes

Burroughs Bulletin No. 50: 33. Spring 2002.

Czech Science Fiction: An English-Language Reading List

Wincon II, Winchester, Eng., Souvenir Book. Winchester, Eng: Wincon II, 1991. pp.17-20.

Czech SF Criticism in 1998

Locus 42(4): 40, 66. April 1999.

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