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Da Cruz, Daniel (Obituary)

Locus 29(4): 66. October 1992

Da die parte stai? II conflitto cosmico in La citta sostituita

in: De Angelis, Valerio Massimo/Rossi, Umberto, eds. Trasmigrazioni: i mondi di Philip K. Dick. Firenze: Le Monnier, 2006. p. 123-130.

Da Philip K. Dick a Hollywood: owero, la quadratura del cerchio

in: De Angelis, Valerio Massimo/Rossi, Umberto, eds. Trasmigrazioni: i mondi di Philip K. Dick. Firenze: Le Monnier, 2006. p. 275-282.

Da qui all'ubikuita: vicende del mercato editoriale della fantascienza in Italia

in: Spanu, Massimiliano, ed. Science Plus Fiction: La fantascienza tra antiche visioni e nuove tecnologie. Torino: Lindau, 2001. p. 93-104.

Dabbler in Tribes,

Locus 62(2): 6-7, 72-74. February 2009.

Dad and I

EI 6(4): [13-29]. August 2007. (No. 33) (http://efanzines.com/)

Dad, Are You There? Come Back: Gender and the Narrative of Science Fiction,

in: Finzsch, Norbert and Wellenreuther, Hermann, eds. Visions of the Future in Germany and America. New York: Berg, 2001. p. 501-532..

Daddy Knows Best

in: Weisman, Kevin Alias Assumed: Sex, Lies, and SD-6. Dallas, Tex. : BenBella Books, 2005. p. 29-36.

Daedalus Awards Presented at Tropicon V

Fantasy Review 9(11):9. December 1986.

Daemon des Geschlechts. Prolegomena zu Vampirismus und Gender in der neueren deutschsprachigen Literatur

in: Ivanovic, Christine/Lehmann, Juergen/May, Markus, eds. Phantastik -Kult oder Kultur? Aspekte eines Phanomens in Kunst, Literatur und Film. Stuttgart: Verlag J. B. Metzler, 2003. p. 215-238.

Daemonie und Verfuehrung. Zu einem grundmotiv im Erzaehlwerk Joseph Sheridan Le Fanus

in: Thomsen, C. W., ed. Phantastik in Literatur und Kunst. Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, 1980. pp. 170-181.

Daemons and The Hunt for the Human Soul,

in: Westerfeld, Scott, ed. The World of the Golden Compass: The Otherworldly Ride Continues. Ann Arbor, MI: Borders Group, 2008. p. 83-92.

Daft Punk's Sci-Fi Vision

American Cinematographer 89(2): 20-25. February 2008.

Dagobah, Nebraska

in: Kenny, Glenn, ed. A Galaxy Not So Far Away: Writers and Artists on Twenty-Five Years of Star Wars. New York: Holt, 2002. p. 41-49.


Cinefantastique 34(6): 8-11. October/November 2002.

Dagon in Puritan Massachusetts

Lovecraft Studies 4(2): 66-70. Fall 1985.

Dagon: Shipwreck to Nowhere

Lovecraft Studies No. 45: 1-9. Spring 2005.

Dagor dagorath & Ragnarök: Tolkien & the Apocalypse

in: Fornet-Ponse, Thomas, ed. Violence, Conflict, and War in Tolkien/Gewalt, Konflikt und Krieg bei Tolkien. Bonn: Scriptorium Oxoniae, 2009. p. 102-115. (Hither Shore: Interdisiplinary Journal on Modern Fantasy, Band 6)

Dahl's Chickens: Roald Dahl

in: Rees, David. What Do Draculas Do? Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow, 1990. pp.190-205.

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