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Eye, Agency, and Bodily Becomings: Processing Breast Cancer in and through Images,

in: Detsi-Diamanti, Zoe; Kitsi-Mitakou, Katerina; Yiannopoulou, Effie, eds. The Future of Flesh: A Cultural Survey of the Body. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009. p. 115-131.

Eye-tracking the Sublime in Spectacular Moments of Science Fiction Film

in: Redmond, Sean and Marvell, Leon, eds. Endangering Science Fiction Film. New York: Routledge, 2016. p. 32-50.

Eyeing Sauron: Tolkien in the Language of Film,

in: Wells, Sarah, ed. The Ring Goes On Forever: Proceedings of the Tolkien 2005 Conference: 50 Years of The Lord of the Rings. Coventry, UK: Tolkien Society, 2008. Volume 2, p. 245-254.

Eyes of Laura Mars: a Binocular Critique

in: Waller, G. A., ed. American Horrors. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1987. pp.62-78.

Eyes of the overworld and The Dying Earth

in: Underwood, Tim, and Miller, Chuck, eds. Jack Vance. New York: Taplinger, 1980. pp. 117-130.

Eyes that colonize and post-colonial resistance to the transatlantic gaze in literature

Ph. D. Dissertation, University of Missouri - Columbia, 1999. 214 p. (DAI-A 61(2), p. 599, August 2000)

Eyes Wide Shut - A Sort of Review

Vector No. 208: 14-15. November/December 1999.

Eyewitness to Utopia: How Illustrations Reconstruct 'Nowhere.'

in: Georgi-Finlay, Brigitte and Mohr, Hans U., ed. Millennial Perspectives: Lifeworlds and Utopias. Heidelberg: Carl Winter Universitatsverlag, 2003. p. 55-97.

Ezocon II

Locus 17(10):29-30. October 1984.

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