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Fables of Transcendence: The Challenge of Canadian Science Fiction

in: Paradis, Andrea, ed. Out of This World: Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature. s. l.: Quarry Press, 1995. pp. 20-27.

Fabliau Intervention in Some Mid-Thirteenth Century Arthurian Verse Romances

in: Busby, Keith, ed. The Arthurian Yearbook I. New York: Garland, 1991. pp.63-90.

Fabular Logic

Locus 57(5): 8-9, 73-74. November 2006.

Fábulas del desencanto : horrores y distopías en el audiovisual cubano contemporáneo

in: Diaz-Zambrana, Rosana and Tome, Patricia, eds. Horrofílmico: aproximaciones al cine de terror en Latinoamérica y el Caribe. San Juan, Puerto Rico: Editorial Isla Negra, 2012. p. 397- 413.

Fabulas sobre el manana: La novela de ciencia ficcion en Mexico

in: Ordiz, Javier, ed. Estrategias y figuraciones de lo insólito en la narrativa mexicana (siglos XIX-XXI). New York: Peter Lang, 2014. p. 159-178.

Fabulating the Australian Desert: Australia's Lost Race Romances, 1890-1908

Philament No. 3: [11 p.]. April 2004. (http://sydney.edu.au.lib-ezproxy.tamu.edu:2048/arts/publications/philament/issue3_Critique_Bellanta.htm )

Fabulation and Metafiction

Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1979. 222pp.

Fabulous Creatures: A Miscellany

in: South, Malcolm, ed. Mythical and Fabulous Creatures. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1987. pp.352-370.

Fabulous Creatures: A Taxonomy

in: South, Malcolm, ed. Mythical and Fabulous Creatures. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1987. pp. 371-373.

Fabulous Feminist Futures and the Lure of Cyberculture,

in: Bell, David and Kennedy, Barbara M., eds. The Cybercultures Reader. New York: Routledge, 2000. p. 360-373.

Fabulously Textual: Religion and the Future in Speculative Fiction

in: Porter, Stanley E., Hayes, Michael A., and Tombs, David, eds. Faith in the Millennium. Sheffield, UK: Sheffield Academic Press, 2001. p. 359-371.

Faccao cientifica no Brasil: un planeta quase desabitado,

in: Allen, L. David, ed. No Mundo da ficcao cientifica. Sao Paulo: Summus, 1973. p. 5-20.

Face a Cthulhu: le club des aventuriers de Robert E. Howard

in: Tortey, Fabrice, ed. Echos de Cimmérie: hommage à Robert Ervin Howard (1906-1936). Paris: Oeil du sphinx, 2009. p. 253-262.

Face of Nemesis

Starlog 305: 22-26. December 2002.

Face of horror, The

Sight and Sound 28(1):6-11. Winter 1958-1959.

Face of Metal

Starlog 196: 39-42. November 1993.

Face of science fiction

Minnesota Libraries 17(7):197-201. September 1953.

Face of the Lizard

Starlog 243: 58-61. October 1997.

Face of the Robots

Vector No. 128: 3-4. October/November 1985.

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