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Palace of Eternity by Bob Shaw (1969)

in: Pringle, David. Science Fiction: The 100 Best Novels. New York: Carroll and Graf, 1985. pp.141-142.

Palaces of the looking glass: Borges's deconstruction of metaphysics

in: Collins, R. A. and H. D. Pearce, eds. The Scope of the Fantastic: Theory, Technique, Major Authors. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1985. pp. 231-238.

Paladin in Blue

Starlog 179: 36-37, 84. June 1992.

Paladorean Idylls: Sir Henry Newbolt's Aladore (1983)

in: Reginald, Robert. Xenograffiti: Essays in Fantastic Literature. San Bernardino, CA: Borgo Press, 1996. pp.54-56.

Palaeontology and the Pattern of Hollywood Kitsch

Vector (BSFA) No. 163: 12-15. October/November 1991.

Pale Blood (Review)

Cinefantastique 23(6): 60-61. April 1993.

Pale Shadow of Science

in: Aldiss, Brian W. The Pale Shadow of Science. Seattle: Serconia, 1985. pp. 95-104.

Pale Shadows: Narrative Hierarchies in the Historiography of 1940s Horror

in: Geraghty, Lincoln/Jancovich, Mark, eds. The Shifting Definitions of Genre: Essays on labeling Films, Television Shows and Media. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2008. p. 15-32.

Pale Starship, Pale Rider: The Ambiguous Appeal of Boba Fett

in: Kenny, Glenn, ed. A Galaxy Not So Far Away: Writers and Artists on Twenty-Five Years of Star Wars. New York: Holt, 2002. p. 10-40.

Paleoanthropological Fiction for Teens and Adults

Online resource. [20 p.] http://www.paleobook.com/mammoth.htm

Palimpsestic Orientalisms and Antiblackness; or,Joss Whedon's Grand Vision of an Asian/American Tomorrow

in: Roh, David S., Huang, Betsy and Niu Greta A., eds. Techno-Orientalism: Imagining Asia in Speculative Fiction, History, and Media. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 2015. p. 180-192.

Palindromagic: Borges and Burroughs in Yoss

New York Review of Science Fiction 17(4): 15-17. December 2004. (No. 196)

Pall in the Family: Deathdream, House, and the Vietnam War

in: Miller, Cynthia J. and Van Riper, A. Bowdoin, eds. . Horrors of War: the Undead on the Battlefield, ed. by New York: Rowman and Litttlefield, 2015. p. 155-172.

Pallahaxi Remembered: The Science Fiction Novels of Michael Coney,

New York Review of Science Fiction 22(4): 17-20. December 2009. (No. 256)

Palmares: Utopian Representations of a Runaway Settlement in Colonial Brazil,

in: Houston, Chloe, ed. New Worlds Reflected: Travel and Utopia in the Early Modern Period. Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2010. p. 137-160.

Palmer answers Harpers

Fantasy Times 1(18):1. September 22, 1946.

Palmer buys Universe

Fantasy Times No. 181:3-4. July (1) 1953.

Palmer claims insanity a hoax

Fantasy Times 1(23):3. November 3, 1946.

Palmer insanity hoax originated by Palmer

Fantasy Times 1(27):1-2. December 1, 1946.

Palmer Quits Amazing; Buys Clark Publications

Fantasy Times 4(16): 2, 7. September (1) 1949. (No. 89)

Palmer releases circulation figures

Fantasy Times No. 220:1,4. April (1) 1955.

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