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Tyler, Anne (Update)

in: Beacham, Walton et al. Beacham's Popular Fiction 1991 Update. Washington, DC: Beacham, 1991. pp.1203-1206.

Tymn book cited by ALA

Science Fiction Chronicle 2(2):2. November 1980.

Tynecon 74

Locus No. 159:6. May 11, 1974.

Typecasting: A Study of the Directors of Televised Science Fiction

Masters Thesis, California State University, Fullerton, 1979. 142 p. (MAI 18(3): 162. Fall 1980.)

Types of Feminist Fantasy and Science Fiction

in: Weedman, J. B., ed. Women Worldwalkers. Lubbock: Texas Tech Press, 1985. pp.83-94.

Types of Heroism in The Lord of the Rings

Mythlore 23(4): 22-37. Fall/Winter 2002. (No. 90)

Types of Science Fiction

Science Fiction Digest 1(7): 1-2. March 1933.

Typesetter's Blues

in: Rusch, Kristine K., ed. Science Fiction Writers of America Handbook. Eugene, OR: Writer's Notebook Press, 1990. pp.112-113.

Typewriter (1986)

in: Vint, Sherryl, ed. Science Fiction and Cultural Theory: a Reader. New York: Routledge, 2015. p. 28-43. (Excerpt from Gramophone, Film, Typewriter, 1999.)

Typographie eines Untergangs

in: Jachimowicz, Aneta, Kuzborska, Alina, and Steinhoff, Dirk, eds. Imaginationen des Endes. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2015. p. 131-152.

Tyr's Pride

Starlog 283: 66-69. February 2001.

Tyranny by computer: automated data processing and oppressive government in science fiction

in: Clareson, Thomas D., ed. Many Futures, Many Worlds. Kent, Ohio: Kent State University Press, 1977. pp. 66-93.

TZ Fires Blaine

Locus 19(6):4. June 1986.

TZ Interview: James Herbert,

Twilight Zone 4(5): 37-42. November/December 1984.

TZ Interview: Frank Belknap Long

Twilight Zone 1(10): 13-19. January 1982.

TZ Interview: George Romero

Twilight Zone 1(5): 12-17. August 1981.

TZ Interview: Jeremy Licht

Twilight Zone 3(4): 45. September/October 1983.

TZ Interview: Joe Dante

Twilight Zone 3(4): 47-50, 55-59. September/October 1983.

TZ Interview: John Landis

Twilight Zone 3(4): 29-38. September/October 1983.

TZ Interview: John Lithgow

Twilight Zone 3(4): 64. September/October 1983.

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