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TZ Interview: Richard Matheson

Twilight Zone 3(4): 40-41. September/October 1983.

TZ Interview: Roald Dahl

Twilight Zone 2(11):70-73. February 1983.

TZ Interview: Rob Bottin

Twilight Zone 3(4): 60. September/October 1983.

TZ Interview: Robert Bloch

Twilight Zone 1(3): 13-17. June 1981.

TZ Interview: Robertson Davies

Twilight Zone 2(4): 19-25. July 1982.

TZ Interview: Scatman Crothers

Twilight Zone 3(4): 42. September/October 1983.

TZ Interview: Terry Gilliam

Twilight Zone 2(2): 18-23. May 1982.

TZ Interview: William Schallert

Twilight Zone 3(4): 44-45. September/October 1983.

TZ Preview: Cocoon

Twilight Zone 5(3): 86-89. July/August 1985.

TZ Preview: Lifeforce

Twilight Zone 5(3): 49-54. July/August 1985.

TZ Profile: Richard Donner

Twilight Zone 1(4): 48-56. July 1981.

TZ Profile: Richard Middleton

Twilight Zone 6(1):64-66. April 1986.

TZ specials is spinoff from Twilight Zone

Science Fiction Chronicle 5(12):6. September 1984.

Tzvetan Todorovs theorie des Phantastischen

in: Zondergeld, Rein A., ed. Phaïcon 1: Almanach der phantastischen Literatur. Frankfurt-am-Main: Suhrkamp, 1974. p. 92-122.

TZX: The Twilight Zone Index

North Hollywood, CA: Prouty, 1985. 40pp.

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