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'Raw forest' versus 'cooked city' - Levi-Strauss in Middle-earth

in: Conrad-O’Brien, Helen and Hynes, Gerard, eds. Tolkien: the Forest and the City. Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2013. p. 76-86.

A Good Dragon is Hard to Find: From draconitas to draco

in: Chen, Fanfan and Honegger, Thomas, eds. Good Dragons are Rare: An Inquiry into Literary Dragons East and West. Frankfurt-am-Main: P. Lang, 2009. p. 27-60. Reprinted in: Devaux, Michael, Ferre, Vincent, and Ridoux, Charles, eds. Tolkien aujourd'hui: Colloque de Rambures 13-15 juin 2008. Valenciennes: Presses Universitaires de Valenciennes, 2011.

A Mythology for England - the Question of National Identity in Toikien's Legendarium

in: Fornet-Ponse, Thomas, ed. Entstehung und Hintergrunde einer Mythologie: Die History of Middle-earth. Bonn: Scriptorium Oxoniae, 2006. p. 13-26. (Hither Shore: Interdisiplinary Journal on Modern Fantasy, Band 3)

A Mythology for England? Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth,

in: Segura, Eduardo and Thomas Honegger, eds. Myth and Magic: Art According to the Inklings. Zollikofen: Walking Tree, 2007. p. 109-130.

Academic Writings

in: Lee, Stuart D., ed. A Companion to J. R. R. Tolkien. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Blackwell, 2014. p. 25-40.

De l’occidentalien a l'anglais moderne: le traducteur et le reseau de langages tolkienien,

in: Ferre, Vincent, ed. Tolkien, Trente ans Apres (1973-2003). Paris: Christian Bourgois, 2004. p. 139-160.

Die Interpretatio mediaevalia von Tolkiens Werk,

in: Fornet-Ponse, Thomas, ed. Tolkien und Seine Deutungen. Bonn: Scriptorium Oxoniae, 2004. p. 37-52. (Hither Shore: Interdisiplinary Journal on Modern Fantasy)

Drachen - Gedanken zur Typologie eines phantastischen Wesens

in: Bidlo, Oliver, Eilmann, Julian, and Weinreich, Frank, eds. Zwischen den Spiegeln: neue Perspektiven auf die Phantastik. Essen: Oldib-Verlag, 2011. p. 92-107.

Ein Mythos für das 20. Jahrhundert: Blut, Rasse und Erbgedächtnis bei Tolkien

in: Fornet-Ponse, Thomas, ed. Tolkiens Weltbild(er). Bonn: Scriptorium Oxoniae, 2005. p. 13-39. (Hither Shore: Interdisiplinary Journal on Modern Fantasy, Band 2)

Éowyn, Aragorn and the Hidden Dangers of Drink

in: Kegler, Adelheid, et al, eds. Inklings: Jahrbuch fur Literatur und Aesthetik. 17. Band, 1999. Moers: Brendow Verlag, 1999. p. 217-225.

From Bag End to Lórien: The Creation of a Literary World

in: Buchs, Peter and Honegger, Thomas, eds. News from the Shire and Beyond: Studies on Tolkien. Zurich: Learning Tree, 1997. pp. 48-68.

Publishing about Tolkien: Polemic Musings about New Developments by an Old Hand in the Business

in: Fornet-Ponse, Thomas, ed. Tolkien and Romanticism/Tolkien und Romantik. Bonn: Scriptorium Oxoniae, 2010. p. 254-256. (Hither Shore: Interdisiplinary Journal on Modern Fantasy, Band 7)

Riders, Chivalry, and Knighthood in Tolkien

Journal of Tolkien Research 4(2): Article 3. http://scholar.valpo.edu/journaloftolkienresearch/vol4/iss2/3

The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth: Philology and the Literary Muse

in: Anderson, Douglas A./Drout, Michael D. C./Flieger, Verlyn, eds. Tolkien Studies, Volume 4, 2007. Morgantown: West Virginia University Press, 2007. p. 189-199.

The Man in the Moon: Structural Depth in Tolkien

in: Honegger, Thomas, ed. Root and Branch: Approaches Towards Understanding Tolkien. Zurich: Walking Tree Publishers, 1999. p. 9-80.

The Monster, the Critics and the Public: Literary Criticism after the Poll

in: Honegger, Thomas, ed. Root and Branch: Approaches Towards Understanding Tolkien. Zurich: Walking Tree Publishers, 1999. p. 1-8.

The Passing of the Elves and the Arrival of Modernity: Tolkien's Mythical Method

in: Weinriech, Frank/Honegger, Thomas, eds. Tolkien and Modernity 2. Zollikofen, Switzerland: Walking Tree, 2006. p. 211-232.

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