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(En)gendering Artificial Intelligence in Cyberspace

The Yearbook of English Studies 37(2): 129-145. July 1, 2007.

2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal

Time.com [5 p.]. February 10, 2011. Online resource: http://www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,2048138,00.html

A Golem in the Family: Robotic Technolologies and Artificial Intelligence in Ray Bradbury's Short Stories

in: McGiveron, Rafeeq O., ed. Critical Insights: Ray Bradbury. Ipswich: Salem Press, 2017. p. 90-105.

AI and Sci-Fi: My, Oh, My!

in: Sawyer, Robert J. RELATIVITY: Stories and Essays. Deerfield, IL: ISFIC Press, 2004. p. 140-151.

AI and Sci-Fi: My, Oh, My!

New York Review of Science Fiction 15(2): 1, 6-8. October 2002. (No. 170)

Apocalyptic AI: Religion and the Promise of Artificial Intilligence

Journal of the American Academy of Religon 76(10: 138-166. March 2008.

Artificial Intelligence and Cyberpunk

Master's Thesis, Oregon State University, 2000. 71 p.

Artificial Intelligence and Genuine Stupidity

in: Elrod, P. N./Conrad, Roxanne L, ed. Stepping Through the Stargate: Science, Archaeology and the Military in Stargate. Dallas, TX: BenBella Books, 2004. p. 51-66.

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

New York Review of Science Fiction 28(11): 22-27. July 2016. (No. 335)

Artificial Intelligence, Science Fiction, and The Matrix

in: Yeffeth, Glenn, ed. Taking the Red Pill: Science, Philosophy and Religion in The Matrix. Dallas, TX: Benbella Books, 2003. p. 45-57.

Asimov and the Morality of Artificial Intelligence

in: Cunningham, Jesse G., ed. Science Fiction. San Diego, CA: Greenhaven Press, 2002. p. 169-177. (Excerpted from The Cubernetic Imagination, in Science Fiction, 1980.)

Ausrastende Roboter und machtusterne Elektronengehirne Das Bose in der Science Fiction

in: Bonacker, Maren and Kreuzer, Stefanie, eds. Von Mittelerde bis in die Weiten des Alls. Wetzar: Phantastische Bibliothek Wetzlar, 2006. p. 82-110.

Cyberspace -Cyborg -AI: Technologie in William Gibsons Neuromancer

in: Petzold, Dieter, ed. Inklings: Jahrbuch fur Literatur und Aesthetik. Band 18. Moers: Brendow, 2000. p. 250-271.

Ethical Issues in Advanced Artificial Intelligence,

in: Schneider, Susan, ed. Science Fiction and Philosophy: From Time Travel to Superintelligence. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell, 2009. p. 277-283.

Feminist AI Projects and Cyberfutures

in: The Gendered Cyborg: A Reader, ed. by Kirkup, Gill, Janes, Linda, Woodward, Kathryn and Hovenden, Fiona. London: Routledge, 2000. pp. 276-290.

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