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Bell, Ian

Studies in Weird Fiction No. 1: 13-17. Summer 1986.

Goddin, Jeffrey

Biblio 2(8): 38-44. November 1997.

Dickens, Matthew

Interzone No. 52: 45-46. October 1991.

Smith, Clark A.

The Fantasy Fan 1(3): 41. November 1933.

Barnes, Nigel

Chester Springs, PA: Dufour/Lilliput, 2009. 348 p.

Joshi, S. T.

Liverpool, UK: Liverpool University Press, 2001. 422 p.

Dirda, Michael

Barnes and Noble Review March 9, 2012. Reprinted in: March 13, 2012. (

Stashower, Daniel

Smithsonian 21(5):45-55. August 1990.

Gardner, Martin

in: Gardner, Martin. Gardner's Whys & Wherefores. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1989. pp.44-47.

Foster, John W.

in: Joshi, S. T., ed. Critical Essays on Lord Dunsany. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow, 2013. p. 99-108. (Reprinted from his Fictions of the Irish Literary Revival: A Changeling Art. Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 1987)

Rhodes, Gary D.

in: Rhodes, Gary D., ed. Horror at the Drive-In: Essays in Popular Americana. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2003. p. 53-66.

Offutt, A. J.

SFWA Bulletin 3(3):3-9. June 1967.

Palumbo, Donald E.

Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2018. 189 p.

Vincent, Mal

Norfolk (VA) Virginian-Pilot. October 29, 1994. in: NewsBank. Film and Television. 115: G1-G2. 1994.

Chapman, Vera; Gunning, Anthony

Mallorn: Journal of the Tolkien Society No. 12: 35-37. 1978.

March, Cristie L.

in: Fisher, Jerilyn and Silber, Ellen S., eds. Women in Literature: Reading Through the Lens of Gender. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 2003. p. 53-56.

Carson, Rachel

In: Byrne-Smith, Dan, ed. Science Fiction. Cambridge MA: MIT Press, 2020. p. 188-189. Extract from Silent Spring (1962), Fortieth Anniversary Edition (Boston and New York: Mariner, 2002) 1–3.

Bernier, Celeste-Marie

in: Pearson, Roberta, ed. Reading Lost: New York: Tauris, 2009. p. 241-260.

Hastie, Amelie

in: Harrison, Taylor/Projansky/Ono, Kent A./Helford, Elyce R., eds. Enterprise Zones: Critical Positions on Star Trek. Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 1996. pp. 115-136.

Matthews, MalcolM

Science Fiction Film and Television 11(1): 5-11. Spring 2018.

LeBlanc, Deborah

in: Knost, Michael, ed. Writers Workshop of Horror. Chapmanville, W. Va.: Woodland Press, 2006. p. 149-152.

Vaughan, Ralph E.

Crypt of Cthulhu 2(3): 37-38. 1983. (No. 11)

Manickam, Samuel

Hispania 97(1): 125-139. March 2014.

McGillis, Rod

The World of Children's Books 6: 3-9. 1981.

Zgorzelski, Andrzej

Zeitschrift fur Literaturwissenschaft und Linguistik No. 92: 126-140. 1993.

Wander, Misha G.

Marvels & Tales 35(1): 94-108. 2021.

Klaus, Anne

in: Hallett, Cynthia J. and Huey, Peggy J., eds. J. K. Rowling: Harry Potter. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012. p. 22-35.

Deleon, Cara M.

in: Bartkowiak, Mathew J., ed. Sounds of the Future: Essays on Music in Science Fiction Film. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2010. p. 10-21.

Neill, Sarah E.

In: Nylander, Susan and Taylor, Amanda, eds. Death in Supernatural: Critical Essays. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2019. p. 51-68.

Vint, Sherryl

Science Fiction Film and Television 1(2): 289-301. Spring 2008.

Heer, Jeet

Los Angeles Review of Books June 8, 2014 Accessed 12.June.2014.

No authors listed.

Voice of Youth Advocates 1(4): 13. October 1978.

Walker, Beth

in: Finn, Kavita M., ed. Fan Phenomena: Game of Thrones. Chicago: Intellect, 2017. p. 100-113.

Burk, Liam

in: Burke, Liam, ed. Fan Phenomena: Batman. Chicago: Intellect/University of Chicago Press, 2013. p. 10-21.

Longswell, Ted

Cinefantastique 35(5): 6-8. October/November 2003.

Algeo, John

Names 49(4): 248-253. December 2001.

Di Filippo, Paul

New York Review of Science Fiction 23(3): 1, 4-6. November 2010. (No. 267)

Wolfe, Gene

in: Wright, Peter, ed. Shadows of the New Sun: Wolfe on Writing, Writers on Wolfe. Liverpool, UK: Liverpool University Press, 2007. p. 244-248.

Witmer, Jon D.

American Cinematographer 88(6): 50-61. June 2007.

Cronk, Lee

in: Cooke, Brett/Turner, Frederick, eds. Biopoetics: Evolutionary Explorations in the Arts. Lexington, KY: ICUS, 1999. pp. 205-218.

Murray, Paul

Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press, 1993. 379pp.

Pak, Chris

Foundation No. 111: 14-31. Spring 2011.

Pine, Julia

in: Parkinson, Gavin, ed. Surrealism, Science Fiction and Comics. Liverpool, UK: Liverpool University Press, 2015. p. 194-212.

Marx, Heather W.

Master's Thesis, University of California, Santa Barbara, 1994 86 p.

Bellafante, Ginia

New York Times p. C4. April 14, 2011.

Gunton, Colin

in: Pearce, Joseph, ed. Tolkien: A Celebration. London: Fount, 1999. pp. 124-140. (Reprinted from King's Theological Review, 12: 6-10. Spring 1989).

Duncan, Jody

Cinefex No. 131: 40-68. October 2012.

Matharoo, Sean

Green Letters 22(4): 366-380. 2018.

Nazzaro, Joe

Starlog 343: 22-25. March 2006.

Zhao, Henry Y. H.

Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies 66(3): 456-471. 2003.

No authors listed.

Chronicle 27(10): 4, 9. November 2005. (No. 264)

Gillespie, Bruce

Scratch Pad (Australia) No. 36: 12. December 1999. (Online at )

Gargano, Olimpia

Fantasy Art and Studies No. 4: 61-66. Spring 2018.

Moore, Alexandria R.

Film Matters 9(3): 57-72. Winter 2018.

Bouson, J. Brooks

in: Wilson, Sharon R., Friedman, Thomas B. and Henren, Shannon, eds. Approaches to Teaching Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale and Other Works. New York: Modern Language Association, 1996. p. 122-127.

Fong, Ryan D.

in: Hobson, Amanda and Anyiwo, U. Melissa, eds. Gender in the Vampire Narrative. Boston: Sense, 2016. p. 109-124.

Bennett, Donna; Cooke, Nathalie

in: Wilson, Sharon R., Friedman, Thomas B. and Henren, Shannon, eds. Approaches to Teaching Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale and Other Works. New York: Modern Language Association, 1996. p. 33-42.

Bradley, Marion Z.

Green Egg 8 (72): unpaginated. Reprinted in Zell-Ravenheart, Oberon, ed. Green Egg Omlette: An Anthology of Art and Articles from the Legendary Pagan Journal. Franklin Lakes, NJ: New Page, 2009. p. 282.

Mellor, Anne K.

in: Lowe-Evans, Mary, ed. Critical Essays on Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. New York: G. K. Hall, 1998. pp. 62-87.

Mayes-Elma, Ruthann

Ph. D. Dissertation, Miami University, 2003. 157 p. (DAI-A 65(3), p. 818, September 2004.)

Tigges, Wim

in: Corporaal, Marguerite and Van Leeuwen, Everet J., eds. The Literary Utopias of Cultural Communities, 1790-1910. New York: Rodopi, 2010. p. 189-208.

Rosenberg, Scott

San Francisco (CA) Examiner. February 12, 1993. in: NewsBank. Art. 7:C4-C5. 1993.

Hardy, Sylvia

The Wellsian No. 20: 49-62. Winter 1997.

No authors listed.

Nova Express 5(4): 16-12. Fall/Winter 2000.

Burgess, Michael

Online resource: [6 p.] 2003.

Kennefick, Daniel

in: Neighbors, R. C. and Rankin, Sandy, eds. Galaxy is Rated G: Essays on Children's Science Fiction Film and Television. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2011. p. 83-95.

Bartu, Benjamin

in: Mantoan, Lindsey and Brady, Sara, eds. Vying for the Iron Throne: Essays on Power, Gender, Death and Performance in HBO's Game of Thrones. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2018. p. 69-78.

Jones, Andy

Explicator 72(4): 253-256. 2014.

Clute, John

New York Review of Science Fiction No. 28: 1, 3-4. September 1990.

Morton, James F.

in: Cannon, Peter, ed. Lovecraft Remembered. Sauk City, WI: Arkham House, 1998. p. 179-181.

Morton, James F.

in: Joshi, S. T., ed. Caverns Measureless to Man: 18 Memoirs of H. P. Lovecraft. West Warwick, RI: Necronomicon Press, 1996. p. 30-32. .

Stableford, Brian

in: Stableford, Brian. Slaves of the Death Spiders and Other Essays on Fantastic Literature. s.l.: Borgo Press/Wildside Press, 2007. p. 27-42.

Searles, A. Langley

Fantasy Commentator 3(7):211-213. Spring 1953. (No. 27)

Fiser, Miroslav

Vector No. 174: 17-18. August/September 1993.

Roberts, Jude

Strange Horizons November 3, 2014. Accessed 3.February.2015

Morrison, Michael A.

in: Morrison, Michael A., ed. Trajectories of the Fantastic: Selected Essays from the Fourteenth International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1997. pp.183-194.

Gloss, Molly

in: McIntyre, Vonda N, ed. Nebula Awards Showcase 2004. New York: Roc, 2004. p. 165-167.

Adams, David A.

Burroughs Bulletin No. 74: 3-7. Spring 2008.

Ballew, Braxton

in: Teague, Gypsey E., ed. Presentations of the 2010 Upstate Steampunk Extravaganza and Meetup. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2011. p. 131-134.

Arthur, Christine

Sirius (Aust.) No. 1: 29-33. March 1993.

Mullen, R. D.

Foundation No. 60: 9. Spring 1994.

Kube-McDowell, Michael P.

Lan's Lantern No. 35: 66-68. December 1990.

Morrish, Robert

Cemetery Dance No. 70: 35-37. 2013.

Green, Judith

in: Aggelis, Steven, ed. Conversations with Ray Bradbury. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 2004. p. 145-146. Reprinted from: San Jose Mercury October 30, 1993, p. 3C.

Swanwick, Michael

New York Review of Science Fiction 29(8): 30-31. December 2017. (No. 344)

Piassi, Luis Paulo

Ciencia & Educação 21(3): 783-798. 2015.

Giroldo, Ramiro

Abusoes 2(1 [2]); 80-98. 2016.

David Ferreira, Júlio César; De Almeida Raboni, Paulo César

Caderno Brasileiro de Ensino de Física 30(1): 84-103. abr 2013.

Baldessin, Marceli G. S.

Dissertation: Universidade Estaudal de Campinas, 2006.

Leonardo, Edivaldo M.

Dissertation, Universidade Estadual de Campanas, 2007.

Tavares, Braulio

in: Nolasco, Edgar C.; Londero, Rodolfo R., eds. Volta ao mundo da fic��o cient�fica. Campo Grande, MS: Eitora UFMS, 2007. p. 79-95.

Sodre, Muniz

Petropolis, Brazil: Editora Vozes, 1973. 126 p.

No authors listed.

Arena 19(98): 141-143. January 1898.

Auguscik, Anna; Fucker, Sonja; Kirchhofer, Anton; Schimank, Uwe

In: Farzin, Sina, Gaines, Susan M., and Haynes, Roslynn D., eds. Under the Literary Microscope: Science and Society in the Contemporary Novel. University Park: Penn State University Press, 2021. p. 218-248.

Mack, Carol K.; Mack, Dinah

New York : Arcade Pub., 1998. 282 p.

Duriez, Colin

Downer's Grove, IL: InterVarsity, 2004. 240 p.

Kreighbaum, Mark

SFWA Bulletin 38(1): 8. Summer 2004. (No. 162)

Adams, Thelma

New York (NY) Post. October 6, 1995. in: NewsBank. Film and Television. 99:C13. 1995.

Kovacs, Christopher S.; MacDonald, Susan M.

New York Review of Science Fiction 27(10): 1, 10-15. June 2015. (No. 322)

Lewis, Alex

Mallorn: Journal of the Tolkien Society No. 36: 28-29. November 1998.

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