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Williamson, Jack

in: Burroughs, Jean M., ed. Roosevelt County History and Heritage. Portales, NM: Bishop Printing Company, 1975. p. 66-72.

Tremayne, Peter

in: Herron, Don, ed. Reign of Fear. Los Angeles: Underwood-Miller, 1988. pp.99-108.

Skran, Dale L., Jr.

Lan's Lantern 35: 104-105. December 1990.

Kasper, Hartmut

in: Mamczak, Sascha and Jeschke, Wolfgang, eds. Das Science Fiction Jahr, 2006. Munchen: Heyne, 2006. p. 469-517.

Hubbard, L. Ron

in: Writer: the Shaping of Popular Fiction. Commerce, Calif. : Bridge Publications, 2012. p. 123-140.

Asimov, Isaac

in: Asimov, Isaac. Asimov on Science Fiction. Garden City, N. Y.: Doubleday, 1981. pp. 46-50.

Spelling, Ian

Starlog 295: 46-49. February 2002.

Clarke, Arthur C.

London: Gollancz, 1993. 220pp.

Johnson, Kim H.

Starlog No. 354: 62-65. April 2007.

Bibire, Paul

in: Battarbee, K. J., ed. Scholarship & Fantasy: Proceedings of The Tolkien Phenomenon, May, 1992, Turku, Finland. Turku, Finland: University of Turku, 1993. pp. 203-215.

Bloch, Robert

in: Larson, Randall D. The Robert Bloch Fanzine. Second Edition. Los Altos, CA: Fandom Unlimited, 1973. pp.4.

Boyer, Paul

New York: Pantheon, 1985. 440 p.

Locke, George; Teitler, Stuart A.

London: Ferret Fantasy, 2014. 146 p.

Hutchings, Peter

in: Nowell, Richard, ed. Merchants of Menace: The Business of Horror Cinema. New York: Bloomsbury Academic, 2014. p. 45-60.

No authors listed.

New York Times p. 8. August 17, 2014.

Sorg, Arley

Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, 140(3 & 4; [754]): 161-164. March/April 2021.

Crumley, Jennifer; Stavola, Amy

in: Finn, Kavita M., ed. Fan Phenomena: Game of Thrones. Chicago: Intellect, 2017. p. 164-173.

Murray, Will

Starlog No. 357: 46-49. July 2007.

Moskowitz, Sam

Fantasy Times 1(10):2-5. December 1945.

Teitler, Stuart A.

London: Ferret Fantasy, 2013. 138 p.

Pournelle, Jerry

Mythologies 11:11-15. February 1977.

Giudici, Giacomo

In: Pavlac, Brian A., ed. Games of Thrones versus History: Written in Blood. Lanham MD: John Wiley, 2017. p. 225-239.

McClelland, Bruce

Slayage No. 1, January 2001. [5 p.] (Online Resource:

Moore, Fiona; Stevens, Alan

Prestatyn, UK: Telos Publishing, 2012 300 p.

No authors listed.

SFWA Bulletin 27(1): 60-64. Spring 1993. (No. 119)

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