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Rassmussen, Mikkel V.

in: Kiersey, Nicholas J. and Neumann, Iver B., eds. Popular Culture and World Politics : Battlestar Galactica and International Relations. Florence, KY: Taylor and Francis, 2013. p. 167-183.

Roden, David

in: Eberl, Jason T., ed. Battlestar Galactica and Philosophy: Knowledge Here Begins Out There. Malden, MA: Blackwell, 2008. p. 141-151.

Midkiff, Emily A.

The Popular Culture Studies Journal 6(2/3): 4-27. 2018.

Larsen, Kristine

Journal of Tolkien Research 13(1): Article 2. 2021.

Shapiro, Marc

Starlog 151:9-11, 16 . February 1990.

Riemer, G.

in: Ingersoll, Earl G. and Ingersoll, Mary C., eds. Conversations with Anthony Burgess. Jackson, MS: University Press of Mississippi, 2008. p. 24-45. (Reprinted from: National Elementary Principal, May 1971.)

Schwartz, David J.

Locus 63(4): 68-70. October 2009.

No authors listed.

Locus 69(2): 59. August 2012.

Sommers, Joseph M.

Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts 28(3): 486-491. 2017.

Weinhouse, Linda

CEA Critic 59(1): 60-67. Fall 1996.

No authors listed.

Locus 82(1): 34. January 2019.

Vistarchi, Angela

in: De Riz, Francesca B./Zorzi, Rosella M., eds. Technology and the American Imagination: An Ongoing Challenge. Venezia: Supernova, 1994. p. 509-515.

Bémer, Aude-Lise; Downham, Mark

Paris: Allia, 2013. 64 p.

McDonnell, David

Starlog 264: 65-68. July 1999.

Ashley, Mike

in: Tymn, M. B. and Ashley, Mike. Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Weird Fiction Magazines. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1985. pp. 816.

Armand, Guilhem

Tropics (Universite de la Reunion) No. 1: 105-114. December 2013.

Harth, Erica

New York: Columbia University Press, 1970. 288 p.

Lanius, Edward W.

Genève: Droz, 1967. 107 p.

Lavers, A. C. M.

M. Phil Thesis, University of London, Bedford College, 1958. 320 p. (DAI-C 74(7).)

Kruger, Reinhard

in: Heinecke, Berthold, ed. Science Fiction im Barock: Beiträge zur Tagung auf Schloss Hundisburg, vom 15. bis 17. Mai 2009,. Berlin: Weidler, 2013. p. 155-196.

Romanowski, Sylvie

Science Fiction Studies. 25(3): 414-432. November 1998. (Reprinted in: Evans, Arthur B., ed. Vintage Visions: Essays on Early Science Fiction. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan University Press, 2014.)

Asimov, Isaac

TV Guide 22(5):21-22. February 2, 1974.

Venkatesh, Jyothi

Insight: International Multilingual Journal for Arts and Humanities 1(6): 29-38. August, 2021.

Moskowitz, Sam

in: Moskowitz, Sam. Explorers of the Infinite: Shapers of Science Fiction. New York: World, 1963. pp. 17-32. (Reprinted from Satellite, March 1959.) (Reprinted in Science Fantasy, No. 39, 1960.)

MacPhail, Eric

French Forum 18(1): 37-46. January 1993.

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