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Johnson, Kim H.

Starlog 182: 52-55. September 1992.

Schweitzer, Darrell

New York Review of Science Fiction 26(12): 27-30. August 2014. (No. 312) Reprinted in: Schweitzer, Darrell. The Threshold of Forever: Essays and Reviews. s.l.: Wildside Press, 2017. p. 16-25

Foster, Frances

In: Rogers, Brett M. and Stevens, Benjamin E., eds. Once and Future Antiquities in Science Fiction and Fantasy. New York: Bloomsbury, 2019. p. 123-134.


in: Rhodes, Gary D., ed. Horror at the Drive-In: Essays in Popular Americana. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2003. p. 277-295.

Matheson, Sue

in: Weinstock, Jeffrey A., ed. Reading Rocky Horror: The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Popular Culture. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2008. p. 17-34.

Gaisbauer, R. Gustav

Passau: Erster Deutscher Fantasy Club, 1993. 238 p.

Svehla, Gary J.

Midnight Marquee No. 39: 22-32. Fall 1989.

Johnson, Kim H.

Starlog 337: 62-65. August 2005.

Harper, Graeme

in: Rhodes, Gary D., ed. Horror at the Drive-In: Essays in Popular Americana. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2003. p. 25-37.

Skal, David J.

New York Review of Science Fiction No. 53: 1, 8-16. January 1993.

Gevers, Nick; Le Guin, Ursula K.

In: Streitfeld, David, ed. Ursula K. Le Guin: The Last Interview and Other Conversations. Brooklyn, NY: Melville House, 2019. p. 103-120. (Reprinted from SF Site, November/December 2001.)

Gevers, Nick

SF Site [9 p.] November/December 2001. (

Bro, Lisa Wenger; Perrello, Tony

in: Cornelius, Michael G. and Ginn, Sherry, eds. Apocalypse TV: Essays on Society and Self at the End of the World. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2020. p. 86-101.

Hairston, Andrea

Foundation 33(92): 5-16. Autumn 2004. (Reprinted in: Hairston, Andrea. Lonely Stardust: Two Plays, a Speech, and Eight Essays. Seattle, WA: Aqueduct Press, 2014.)

Rees, Robert R.

Starlog 203: 27-29. June 1994.

Rogers, Brett; Scheidel, Walter

Slayage No. 13/14. [19 p.] October 2004.

Jones, Jeremy L. C.

Clarkesworld No. 88, January 2014. (

Doctorow, Cory

Locus 83(3): 27, 58. September 2019.

No authors listed.

Locus 70(4): 10. April 2013.

Klotz, Alexander

Quarber Merkur No. 99/100: 85-124. 2004.

Crugten, Alain V.

in: Hottois, Gilbert, ed. Science-Fiction et fiction sp�culative. Brussels: Editions de l'Universit� de Bruxelles, 1985. pp. 161-170.

Davies, Jim

in: Langley, Travis, ed. Star Wars Psychology: Dark Side of the Mind. New York: Sterling, 2015. p. 59-71.

Holmberg, John-Henri

Stockholm: Askild & Karnekull, 1974. 186 p .

L�th, Reinhard

Meitingen: Corian, 1988. 437pp.

Relke, Diana M. A.

Alberta: University of Calgary Press, 2006. 168 p.

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