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Filmer-Davies, Kath

in: Filmer, Kath, ed. Twentieth-Century Fantasists: Essays in Culture, Society and Belief in Twentieth Century Mythopoeic Literature. New York: St. Martin's, 1992. pp.193-206.

Schenkel, Elmar

in: Engler, Bernd and Muller, Kurt, eds. Historiographic Metafiction in Modern American and Canadian Literature. Munchen: Schoningh, 1994. pp. 241-251.

Duncan, Jody

Cinefex No. 136: 102-119. January 2014.

Murray, Eoin

In: Gonzalez, Antonio A. and Sederholm, Carl H., eds. Lovecraft in the 21st Century Dead, But Still Dreaming. New York: Routledge, 2022. p. 227-240.

Doughty, Terri

In: Doughty, Terri and Thompson, Dawn, eds. Knowing their Place? Identity and Space in Children's Literature. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2011. p. 155-170.

Mills, Kirstin A.

In: Partridge, Michael and Johnson, Kirstin Jeffrey, eds. Informing the Inklings George MacDonald and the Victorian Roots of Modern Fantasy. Hamden, CT: Winged Lion Press, 2018. p. 129-148.

Pfaelzer, Jean

in: Bendixen, Alfred, ed. A Companion to the American Novel. New York: Wiley, 2012. p. 323-341.

Morris, Susana M.

in: Chan, Edward K. and Ventura, Patricia, eds. Race and Utopian Desire in American Literature and Society. New York: Springer, 2019. p. 283-300.

Nazzaro, Joe

Starlog 346: 14-17. June 2006.

Steele, Felicia J.

Mythlore 25(1/2): 137-146. Fall/Winter 2006. (No. 95/96)

Melrod, George

in: Crawford, Ashley and Edgar, Ray, eds. Transit Lounge: An Interface Book From 21C. North Ryde, Aust.: Craftsman House, 1997. pp. 10-13.

Kean, Margaret

in: Sullivan, Ceri/White, Barbara, eds. Writing and Fantasy. New York: Longman, 1999. pp. 77-94.

Cox, Steve

New York: St. Martin's, 2000. 286pp.

Sydenham, Anne

New York Review of Science Fiction 15(5): 1, 8-13. January 2003. (No. 173)

Marcus, Aaron

Interactions 12(2): 68-70. March/April 2005.

Green, Paul

In: McGrath, Rick, ed. Deep Ends: The J. G. Ballard Anthology 2014. Toronto: Terminal Press, 2014. p. 120-123.

Berry, Rick

in: Haber, Karen, ed. Exploring the Matrix: Visions of the Cyber Present. New York: St. Martin's, 2003. p. 250-265.

Sawyer, Andy

Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts 9(4): 268-283. 1998.

DeGiglio-Bellemare, Mario

in: Shipka, Danny and Beliveau, Ralph, eds. International Horror Film Directors: Global Fear. Chicago: Intellect, 2017. p. 191-222.

Johnson, Alaya D.

Locus 66(3): 66-68. March 2011.

Egolf, Jamie

in: Haslem, Wendy, Ndalianis, Angela and Mackie, Chris, eds. Super/Heroes: From Hercules to Superman. Washington, DC: New Academia Publishing, 2007. p. 139-151

Pollock, Griselda

Journal of Visual Culture 4(3): 287-305. December 2005.

Rose, Hilary

Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy 3 (1): 119-137. Spring 1988.

Turner, Craig

Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts 7(4): 16-29. 1996.

Larsen, Kristine

in: Sommers, Joseph M. and Eveleth, Kyle, eds. The Artistry of Neil Gaiman: Finding Light in the Shadows. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 2019. p. 35-50.

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