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Wiesenfeldt, Gerhard

Film & History 40(1): 58-74. Spring 2010.

Simut, Andrei

Caietele Echinox No.27: 297-306. 2014.

Tobin, Megan

B. A. Thesis, Bates College, 2000. 83 p.

Rogers, Philip

Comparative Literature Studies 35(4): 393-411. 1998.

Davison-Vecchione, Daniel; Seeger, Sean

Thesis Eleven 155(1): 45-63. December 2019.

Booker, M. Keith

Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1994. 424pp.

Galant, Justyna

In: Vieira, Fatima, ed. Dystopia[n] Matters: On the Page, on Screen, on Stage. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013. p. 250-260.

Phillips, Bill

In: Gallardo Torrano, Pere and Russell, Elizabeth, eds. Yesterday's Tomorrows: On Utopia and Dystopia. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014. p. 121-136.

Urie, Chris

Clarkesworld Magazine No. 130, July 2017. ( Accessed 15.August.2017

Sadowski, Marianne

Ph. D. Dissertation, University of Connecticut, 1998. 268 p. (DAI-A 58(8): 3123, February 1998.)

McKenna, Peter J., III

Ph. D. Dissertation, St. John's University (New York), 2019. 210 p. (DAI-A 81(1)(E).)

Alkon, Paul K.

in: Slusser, George E., Alkon, Paul, Gaillard, Roger, and Chatelain, Daniele, eds. Transformations of Utopia: Changing Views of the Perfect Society. New York: AMS Press, 1999. pp.317.

Saedi, Shaima Muzher Abid Alreda Al-.

Al-Adab 2(132): 7-22. 2020.

Chevere?an, Cristina

in: Percec, Dana, ed. Reading the Fantastic Imagination: The Avatars of a Literary Genre. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars; 2014. p. 96-111.

Stewart, Susan L.

in: Basu, Balaka, Broad, Katherine R., and Hintz, Carrie. Contemporary Dystopian Fiction for Young Adults: Brave New Teenagers. New York: Routledge, 2013. p. 159-174.

Vint, Sherryl

in: Boxall, Peter and Cheyette, Bryan, eds. The Oxford History of the Novel in English, Volume 7: British and Irish Fiction since 1940. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press; 2016. p. 383-397.

Booker, M. Keith; Thomas, Anne-Marie

in: Booker, M. Keith and Thomas, Anne-Marie. The Science Fiction Handbook. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell, 2009. p. 65-74.

Hillegas, Mark R.

New Mexico Quarterly 31(3): 238-249. Autumn 1961.`

Hill, Matthew B.

Santa Barbara: ABC-Clio, September 2022. 362 p.

Stavris, Nicholas

Fantastika Journal 4(1): 70-83. July 2020.

Levitas, Ruth

Theory, Culture and Society 1(1): 53-64. Spring 1982.

Gruszewska-Blaim, Ludmila

in: Baim, Artur and Gruszewska-Blaim, Ludmila , eds. Mediated Utopias: From Literature to Cinema. New York: Peter Lang, 2014. p. 187-212.

Pierson, David

In: Hill, Matthew B., ed. Dystopian States of America: Apocalyptic Visions and Warnings in Literature and Film. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-Clio, 2022. p. 17-24.

Moldovan, Raluca

American, British & Canadian Studies 34(1): 103-123. June 2020.

Moldovan, Raluca

American, British and Canadian Studies Journal 34(1): 103-123. June 2020. doi:10.2478/abcsj-2020-0007.

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