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Platt, Charles

in: Platt, Charles Who Writes Science Fiction? London: Savoy Books, 1980. p. 255-262.

No authors listed.

Locus 65(4): 66. October 2010.

Harbottle, Philip

Independent (London) p. 8. October 19, 2010.

Fortier, Ron

Paperback Parade No. 88: 90-91. January 2015.

Harbottle, Philip

Paperback Parade No. 87: 48-57. October 2014.

Harbottle, Philip

Paperback Parade No. 44: 31-39. November 1995.

Harbottle, Philip

Paperback Parade No. 44: 31-39. November 1995.

Harbottle, Philip

Paperback Parade No. 44: 40-58. November 1995.

Swartz, Jon D.

Paperback Parade No. 88: 57-63. January 2015.

Sanders, Joe

Mercer Island, WA: Starmont, 1986. 96pp.

Sandercombe, W. Fraser

in: Sandercombe, W. Fraser. Masters of SF: The Science Fiction Hal of Fame. Ontario: Collector's Guide Publishing, 2010. p. 318-319.

Clute, John

in: Bleiler, E. F., ed. Science Fiction Writers. New York: Scribners, 1982. pp. 125-130.

Weedman, Jane B.

in: Cowart, David. ed. Twentieth-Century American Science Fiction Writers, Part II: M-Z. Detroit: Gale, 1981. pp.132-136.

No authors listed.

Fantasy Times No. 2:3. October 1941.

No authors listed.

Science Fiction Chronicle 5(4):24. January 1984.

Moskowitz, Sam

in: Moskowitz, Sam. Seekers of Tomorrow. New York: Ballantine, 1967. pp. 17-33. (Reprinted from Amazing, April 1964.)

Morgan, Chris

in: Bleiler, E. F., ed. Supernatural Fiction Writers. New York: Scribner's, 1985. pp.491-496.

Bloom, Harold

in: Bloom, Harold. Modern Horror Writers. New York: Chelsea House, 1995. pp.16-31.

No authors listed.

Fantasy Review 7(8): 21. September 1984.

Rodriguez Salas, Gerardo

Femspec 6(2): 87-100. 2005.

No authors listed.

in: Authors & Artists for Young Adults, Volume 65. Farmington Hills, MI: Gale Group, 2006. p. 53-58.

No authors listed.

SFWA Bulletin 8(4): 6. 1972. (No. 43)

Huber, Peter

in: Ruber, Peter, ed. Arkham's Masters of Horror. Sauk City, WI: Arkham House, 2000. p. 195-200.

Williamson, Jack

in: Price, E. Hoffman. Book of the Dead: Friends of Yesteryear: Fictioneers & Others. (Memories of the Pulp Fiction Era). Sauk City, WI: Arkham House, 2001. p. vii-xi.

Price, E. Hoffman

Acolyte 3(1): 13-16. Winter 1945. (No. 9)

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