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Scheps, Walter

in: Lobdell, Jared, ed. A Tolkien Compass. New York: Ballantine/Del Rey, 1980. pp. 44-59.

Vaz da Silva, Francisco

In: Tatar, Maria, ed. The Cambridge Companion to Fairy Tales. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2014. p. 97-116

Scull, Christina

Mallorn: Journal of the Tolkien Society No. 23: 30-36. Summer 1986.

Hubner, Laura

London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018. 208 p.

No authors listed.

Variety p. 20. September 17, 1975.

No authors listed.

Variety p. 26. February 23, 1977.

No authors listed.

Variety p. 6. September 14, 1977.

No authors listed.

Variety p. 4. May 21, 1975.

Archell-Thompson, Pauline

Foundation 70: 25-32. Summer 1997

Palumbo, Donald E.

Journal of Popular Culture 46(6): 1276-1288. December 2013.

Koontz, K. Dale

Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2008. 231 p.

Yuen, Wayne

in: Greene, Richard and Robison, Rachel, eds. The Golden Compass and Philosophy. Chicago: Open Court, 2009. p. 51-59.

Yuen, Wayne

In: Greene, Richard and Robison-Greene , Rahel, eds. His Dark Materials and Philosophy. New York: Barnes and Noble, 2020. p. 165-174.

Mendlesohn, Farah

in: Butler, Andrew M./James, Edward/Mendlesohn, Farah, eds. Terry Pratchett: Guilty of Literature. Liverpool: Science Fiction Foundation, 2000. pp. 145-161.

Hein, Rolland N.

Ph. D. Dissertation, Purdue University, 1970. 301 p. (DAI-A 32(2): 919, August 1971)

Telotte, J. P.

in: Grant, Barry K., ed. Planks of Reason. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow, 1984. pp.21-37.

Forster, Greg

in: South, James B., ed. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Philosophy: Fear and Trembling in Sunnydale. Chicago: Open Court, 2003. p. 7-19

Kelley, Timothy E.

in: McGiveron, Rafeeq O., ed. Critical Insights: Ray Bradbury. Ipswich: Salem Press, 2017. p. 76-89.

Routledge, Clay

in: Langley, Travis, ed. Star Wars Psychology: Dark Side of the Mind. New York: Sterling, 2015. p. 148-157.

Bacon, Simon

Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2023. 290 p.

Stockton, Jim

In: Chu, Ashley and Ricke, Joe, eds. Faithful Imagination, The: Papers From the 2018 Frances White Ewbank Colloquium on C. Lewis and Friends, ed. by Joe Ricke and Ashley Chu. Hamden, CT: Winged Lion Press, 2019. p. 71-85.

Sheppard, L. M. K

Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2022. 268 p.

Sorg, Arley

Clarkesworld No. 161. January 2020.

De Brantes, Charles H.

In: Gianvito, John, ed. Andrei Tarkovsky Interviews. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 2006. p. 178-188. Reprinted from France Catholique, 1986.

Dalton, Russell W.

Minneapolis: Augsburg, 2003. 179 p.

Mahfood, David

In: Matthew Brake, ed. Theology and Game of Thrones. Lanham: Lexington Books, 2022. p. 145-164.

Kelly, Tony

Pacifica 15(2): 190-208. June 2002.

Gay, Anne; Nicholls, Stan

Interzone No. 134: 19-21. August 1998.

Yogerst, Chris

Journal of Religion & Film 18(2); article 7. October 2014.

Driggers, Taylor

Ph. D. Dissertation, University of Glasgow, 2020. (DAI-C 82(2)(E). (Embargoed until 27 March 2025)

Scheibach, Michael

Religions 12(7): 520+. 2021.

Jurickova, Martina

Journal of Tolkien Research 12(1): 1-10. Article 1.

Jaworski, William

in: Irwin, William, ed. More Matrix and Philosophy: Revolutions and Reloaded Decoded. Chicago, IL: Open Court, 2005. p. 154-164.

Chu, Ashley; Ricke, Joe

Hamden, CT: Winged Lion Press, 2019, 419 p.

Hutchinson, Jamie

Renascence 61(4): 253-272. Summer 2009.

Szymczak, P. Davis

Chicago Tribune Sec. 2C, p. 5. September 8, 1991.

Kociemba, David

in: Kirby-Diaz, Mary, ed. Buffy and Angel Conquer the Internet: Essays on Online Fandom. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2009. p. 127-146.

Doctorow, Cory

Locus 83(1): 27, 46. July 2019.

Bradley, Marion Z.

Empire for the SF Writer 9(3): 12-13. Spring 1985.

Drux, Rudolf

in: Esselborn, Hans, ed. Utopie, Antiutopie und Science Fiction im deutschsprachigen Roman des 20. Jahrhunderts. Wuerzburg : Koenigshausen & Neumann, 2003. p. 169-178.

McLellan, Joseph

Washington Post p. B-1. July 10, 1978.

Wilson, Mary K.

Strange Horizons p. 46-53. November 2001. (Archived at: and at the Cushing Library, Texas A&M University)

Porter, Andrew I.

Science Fiction Chronicle 20(5): 20. May 1999.

Ellis, Kate F.

in: Schor, Esther, ed. The Cambridge Companion to Mary Shelley. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2003. p. 151-162.

Bennett, Alex

Mallorn: Journal of the Tolkien Society No. 11: 38-39. 1977.

Sanford, Len

Mallorn: Journal of the Tolkien Society No. 32: 15-20. September 1995.

King, Kristin

Strange Horizons [11 p.] March 1, 2010. (

Goering, Nelson

Journal of Inklings Studies 5(2): 3-56. October 2015.

Leeder, Murray

Irish Gothic Journal No. 5: 3-17. December 8, 2008.

Moss, William

in: Crow, Charles L., ed. A Companion to American Gothic. Hoboken: John Wiley 2014. p. 177-188.

No authors listed.

Variety p. 1, 109. August 27, 1986.

Miller, Craig

Twilight Zone 8(5):55-59. December 1988.

Jacobs, Alan

The Atlantic. July 27, 2012. [3 p.] Online resource:

Leibacher-Ouvrard, Lise

in: Cummings, Michael S., ed. Utopian Studies II. Lanham, NY: University Press of America, 1989. pp.88-93.

Scapperotti, Dan

Cinefantastique 29(10): 12-13. February 1998.

Duncan, Jody

Cinefex No. 160: 86-107. August 2018.

Lowe, Nick

Interzone. No. 132: 38. June 1998.

Burres, Sonya

Cinefantastique 30(1): 59. May 1998.

Otten, Terry

Mosaic 13(3/4): 41-50. Spring/Summer 1980.

Blount, Margaret

in: Bloom, Harold, ed. C.S. Lewis. New York : Chelsea House, 2006. p. 11-30. (Reprinted, 1974.)

Urie, Chris

Clarkesworld Magazine No. 128, May 2017. ( Accessed 15.August.2017

Kovacs, Christopher S.

New York Review of Science Fiction 24(4): 1, 4-6. December 2011. (No. 280)

Hall, Joan Wylie

in: Murphy, Bernice M., ed. Shirley Jackson: Essays on the Literary Legacy. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2005. p. 23-33.

Spelling, Ian

Starlog 307: 62-65. February 2003.

Graham, Allison

in: Waller, G. A., ed. American Horrors. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1987. pp.129-144.

Mitchell, Michael

in: Schenkel, Elmar and Welz, Stefan, eds. Lost Worlds & Mad Elephants Literature, Science and Technology 1700-1990. Berlin: Galda + Wilch Verlag, 1999. pp. 287-304.

Malzberg, Barry N.

in: Malzberg, Barry N. Breakfast in the Ruins: Science Fiction in the Last Millennium. New York: Baen, 2007. p. 308-312.

Sorg, Arley

Clarkesworld No. 174. March 2021.

Fajardo, Tatiana

In: Barbini, Francesca T., ed. Ties That Bind: Love in Fantasy and Science Fiction. Edinburgh: Luna Press Publishing, 2020. p. 68-89.

Thurschwell, Pamela

Critical Quarterly 63(1): 48-59. April 2021.

Sheng, Anfeng; Wang, Fei

Neohelicon (2022). 49: 563–577. 2022.

Ozdes, Mufit

In: Elzembely, Hosam A. Ibrahim and Aysha, Emad El-Din, eds. Arab and Muslim Science Fiction: Critical Essays. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2022. p. 240-243.

Abbott, Carl

Western Historical Quarterly 34(1): 27-47. Spring 2003. (Reprinted in Burling, Willism J., ed. Kim Stanley Robinson Maps the Unimaginable. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2009.)

Sederholm, Carl H.

In: Gonzalez, Antonio A. and Sederholm, Carl H., eds. Lovecraft in the 21st Century Dead, But Still Dreaming. New York: Routledge, 2022. p. 295-307.

Markley, Robert

Modern Fiction Studies 43(3): 773-799. 1997. (Reprinted in: Burling, William J., ed. Kim Stanley Robinson Maps the Unimaginable. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2009. p. 122-143.)

Green, Roger K.

In: Piturro, Vincent, ed. The Science of Sci-Fi Cinema: Essays on the Art and Principles of Ten Films. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2021. p. 159-166.

Winfrey, David

in: Irwin, Walter and Love, G. B., eds. The Best of Trek No. 16. New York: Roc, 1991. pp.75-86.

Conyers, David

Albedo One No. 41: 4-11. 2011.

Letson, Russell

Extrapolation 20(2):109-117. Summer 1979.

Andre-Driussi, Michael

New York Review of Science Fiction 25(7; [#295]): 1, 4-6. March 2013.

Fewster, Derek

In: Hoglund, Anna and Trenter, Cecilia, eds. The Enduring Fantastic: Essays on Imagination and Western Culture. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2021. p. 203-220.

Westfahl, Gary

in: Jeschke, Wolfgang, et al, eds. Das Science Fiction Jahr 2013. Munich: Heyne, 2013. p. 86-121.

Geier, Fabian

in: Fornet-Ponse, Thomas, ed. Tolkien and Romanticism/Tolkien und Romantik. Bonn: Scriptorium Oxoniae, 2010. p. 204-221. (Hither Shore: Interdisiplinary Journal on Modern Fantasy, Band 7)

Feng, Peter X.

in: Sardar, Ziauddin and Cubitt, Sean, eds. Aliens R Us: The Other in Science Fiction Cinema. London: Pluto, 2002. p. 149-163.

Morgan, Gerald A.

in: Buitenhuis, Peter. George Orwell: A Reassessment. New York: St. Martin's, 1988. pp.77-90.

Sulski, Jim

Chicago Tribune Sec. 5, p. 6. January 7, 1993.

Campbell, Ian

Science Fiction Studies 44 (1; [#131]): 43-64. March 2017.

Rowley, Stephen

in: Brooker, Will, ed. The Blade Runner Experience: The Legacy of a Science Fiction Classic. New York : Wallflower, 2005. p. 203-212.

Bould, Mark

in: Carson, Diane, ed. Sayles Talk: New Prespectives on Independent Filmmaker John Sales. Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 2006. p. 79-102.

Anderson, Kevin J.

in: Budrys, Algis, ed. L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future, Volume XX. Hollywood, CA: Galaxy Press, 2004. p. 523-529.

No authors listed.

Variety p. 5, 390. October 24, 1984.

Silverberg, Robert

in: Silverberg, Robert. Reflections and Refractions: Thoughts on Science Fiction, Science, and Other Matters. Grass Valley, CA: Underwood Books, 1997. pp.187-189. (Reprinted from Galileo, November 1979)

Aldiss, Brian W.

Focus: An SF Writer's Magazine (BSFA) 7: 27-29. Spring 1983.

Campbell, Ramsey

in: Campbell, Ramsey Ramsey Campbell, Probably: On Horror and Sundry Fantasies, ed. by S. T. Joshi. Harrogate, UK: PS Publishing, 2002. p. 324-329.

Payne, Michael H.

in: Budrys, Algis, ed. L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future, Volume XVI. Los Angeles: Bridge, 2000. pp. 440-445.

Vincent, Mal

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot October 12, 1991. in: NewsBank. Film and Television 105:E8-E9. 1991.

Blackbeard, Bill

Fantasy Times No. 249:FTM3-FTM4. June (2) 1956.

Colombo, Arrigo

in: Colombo, Arrigo and Quarta, Cosimo, eds. Il Destino della Famiglia nell'Utopia. Bari: Edizione Dedalo, 1991. pp.5-13.

Arnzen, Michael A.

in: Olson, Danel, ed. The Exorcist: Studies in the Horror Film. Lakewood, CO: Centipede Press, 2011. p. 261-274.

Atwell, Heather; O'Quinn, Elaine J.

ALAN Review 37(3): 45-50. Summer 2010.

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