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Blish, James

in: Blish, James. The Tale That Wags the God. Chicago: Advent, 1987. pp.21-34.

Nikolajeva, Maria

Labrys No. 7: 141-145. November 1981.

Blaszkiewicz, Maria

In: Blaszkiewicz, Bartlomiej, ed. George R. R. Martin's ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ and the Medieval Literary Tradition. Warszawa: Wydawn. Uniw. Warszawskiego, 2014. p. 139-160.

Hantke, Steffen

Foundation 71: 45-63. Autumn 1997.

Fiester, Ben F.

Ph. D. Dissertation, Pennsylvania State University, 1966. 217 p. (DAI-A 28(10): 4124, April 1968.)

O'Conner, Gerard

Riverside Quarterly 5(3): 206-207. August 1972.

Wark, McKenzie

Los Angeles Review of Books September 1, 2013. Online.

Matiu, Ovidiu

East-West Cultural Passage 21(1): 43-60. June 2021.

Barker, Martin

in: Barker, Martin and Mathijs, Ernest., eds. Watching the Lord of the Rings : Tolkien's World Audiences. New York: Peter Lang, 2008. p. 149-180.

Postiglione, William, Jr.

Master's Thesis, University of Nebraska at Omaha, 1974. 130 p. (MAI 54(5).)

Evans, Arthur B.

Studies in the Literary Imagination 22(1):79-100. Spring 1989.

Klata, Michal

In: Kobus, Aldona and Muniowski, Lukasz, eds. Sex, Death and Resurrection in Altered Carbon: Essays on the Netflix Series. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2020. p. 39-48.

Klata, Michal

In: Kobus, Aldona; and Muniowski, Lukasz. Sex, Death and Resurrection in Altered Carbon: Essays on the Netflix Series. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2020. p. 39-50.

Spector, Judith A.

in: Palumbo, Donald, ed. Erotic Universe. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1986. pp.197-207.

Sanders, Joe

Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1995. 230pp.

Frost, Rebecca

New York: Lexington Books, 2022. 196 p.

Shippey, Tom

in: Wells, Sarah, ed. The Ring Goes Ever On: Proceedings of the Tolkien 2005 Conference: 50 Years of The Lord of the Rings. Coventry, UK: Tolkien Society, 2008. Volume 2, p. 279-286.

Jeschke, Wolfgang

Science Fiction Times (Germany) 24(7):9-10. July 1982.

Harvie, Timothy; MacLeod, Michael R.

In: Brown, Shaun C. and Hackney, Amanda M., eds. Theology and Star Trek. Lanham: Lexington Books, 2023. p. 217-230

Giese, Berthold

Science Fiction Times (Germany) 32(5): 13-16. May 1990.

Reynolds, Patricia

Mythlore 19(2): 45-53. Spring 1993. (No. 72)

Rockow, Karen

Unicorn 2(3):22-30. 1973.

Schweitzer, Darrell

New York Review of Science Fiction 15(11): 19-21. July 2003. (Reprinted: Steam Engine Time, No. 4, January 2005). (Reprinted in his The Fantastic Horizon. Borgo, 2009.)

Bacia, H.

Konkret No. 11:22. 1969.

Newman, Geneveive

Studies in the Fantastic Number 7: 39-50. Summer/Fall 2019.

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