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Podeschi, Christopher W.

Master's Thesis, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, 1997. 129pp.

Zivkovic, Zoran

Pacific Quarterly Moana 4(3):255-259. July 1979.

Beauchamp, G. L.

Style 8(3):437-451. Fall 1974.

Jaspers, Kristina; Warnecke, Nils; Waz, Gerlinde; Zill, Rudiger

Berlin: Frolich & Kaufmann, 2017. 144 p.

Bruck, Peter

Stuttgart: Klett Sprachen, 2012. 160 p.

O'Hehir, Andrew

Salon [7 p.] May 15, 2003. (

Sturgeon, Theodore

in: Bretnor, Reginald, ed. The Craft of Science Fiction. New York: Harper, 1966. pp. 89-103.

Brandis, Evgeni; Dmitrevskiy, Vladimir

Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction 29(4):62-80. October 1965.

Fraser, B. M.

Amazing 27(12): 125-130. May 1981.

Clarke, I. F.

Science Fiction Studies. 24(3): 387-414. November 1997. Also in: Evans, Arthur B., ed. Vintage Visions: Essays on Early Science Fiction. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan University Press, 2014. and in: in: Seed, David, ed. Future Wars: the Anticipations and the Fears. Liverpool, UK: Liverpool University Press, 2012. p. 9-31.

Stock, Adam

Poetics Today, Sep2016 37(3): 415-442. September 2016.

Torner, Evan

in: Campbell, Bruce B, Guenther-Pal, Alison, Petersen, Viberke R., eds. Detectives, Dystopias, and Poplit: Studies in Modern German Genre Fiction. Rochester, NY: Boydell & Brewer, 2014. p. 49-66.

Hollinger, Veronica

in: Seed, David, ed. Imagining Apocalypse: Studies in Cultural Crisis. New York: St. Martin's, 2000. p. 215-229.

Sesslen, Georg

in: Mamczak, Sascha and Jeschke, Wolfgang, eds. Das Science Fiction Jahr, 2006. Munchen: Heyne, 2006. p. 233-250.

Hayes, Lil

Polish Journal of American Studies, 12: 275-290. Autumn 2018

Fitting, Peter

Science Fiction Studies 14(3): 340-354. November 1987. Also in: Mullen, R. D., ed. On Philip K. Dick: 40 Articles From Science-Fiction Studies. Terre Haute, IN: SF-TH Inc., 1992. pp.132-144. Reprinted in: Fitting, Peter. Utopian Effects, Dystopian Pleasures. New York: Peter Lang, 2021. p. 307-324.

Sheets, Kathryn

Master's Thesis, Clark University, 2021. 104 p. (MAI 82(11)(E).)

Shapiro, Marc

Starlog 156:39-43. July 1990.

Muller, Alan

Current Writing: Text and Reception in Southern Africa 34(1): 75-87. May 2022.

Torsten, Kathy

in: Mayer, Ruth and Brasch, Ilka, eds. Modernities and Modernization in North America. Heidelberg : Universitätsverlag Winter, 2019. p. 331-352.

Maitland, Sara

in: Carr, Helen, ed. From My Guy to Sci Fi. London: Pandora, 1989. pp.193-203.

Click, Melissa A.; Grey, Jonathan; Mitten, Jason; Scott, Suzanne

in: Click, Melissa A. and Scott, Suzanne, eds. The Routledge Companion to Media Fandom. New York: Routledge, 2018. p. 437-450

Kowal, Mary R.

Locus 90(5): 10-11, 48-49. May 2023.

Szabari, Antonia

In: Lettow, Susanne and Nessel, Sabine. Eds. Ecologies of Gender” Contemporary Nature Relations and the Nonhuman Turn New York: Routledge, 2022. [16 p.] DOI: 10.4324/9781003023319-18 Cited from the online edition.

Radford, Robert

Burlington Magazine 158(1354): 42-43. January 2016.

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