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Ballantyne, Tony

in: Brooke, Keith, ed. Strange Divisions and Alien Territories: the Sub-genres of Science Fiction. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012. p. 174-189.

Duncan, Andy

New York Review of Science Fiction No. 108: 1, 4-8. August 1997.

Waller, Sara

in: Huss, John, ed. Planet of the Apes and Philosophy: Great Apes Think Alike. Chicago: Open Court, 2013. p. 15-26.

Wright, John C.

in: Espenson, Jane/Yeffeth, Glenn, eds. Finding Serenity: Anti-Heroes, Lost Shepherds and Space Hookers in Joss Whedon�s Firefly. Dallas, TX: Benbella Books, 2004. p. 155-168.

Altman, Mark A.

Star Trek: The Official Fan Club No. 96: 50-52. April/May 1994.

Wysocki, Edward M., Jr.

Analog 140(11/12): 139-. November/December 2020.

Teitelbaum, Sheldon

Cinefantastique 21(2): 14-15, 60. September 1990.

De Vos, Luk

Antwerp: Restant, 1985. 556pp.

Frank, Jane

Realms of Fantasy 6(1): 62-67. October 1999.

Baumann, Marty

Starlog 287: 84-87. June 2001.

Weston, Peter

Galileo 4:12-17. July 1977.

Clawson, Julie

in: Mills, Anthony R., Morehead, John W. and Parker, J. Ryan, eds. Joss Whedon and Religion: Essays on an Angry Atheist's Explorations of the Sacred. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2013. p. 140-151.

Lowe, Nick

Interzone No. 177: 37. March 2002.

Littmann, Greg

in: Nicholas, Jeffery, ed. Dune and Philosophy: The Weirding Way of the Mentat. Chicago: Open Court, 2011. p. 103-120.

Randall, Marta

SFWA Bulletin 16(1): 26-33. Winter 1981. (No. 75)

Randall, Marta

SFWA Bulletin 16(1): 26-33. Winter 1981.

Brown, Peter H.

Los Angeles Times. Calendar. p. 1, 44-45, 50-51. November 25, 1979.

Watt-Evans, Lawrence

in: Yeffeth, Glenn, ed Fresh Perspectives On The H. G. Wells Classic, The War of the Worlds. Dallas, TX: Benbella Books, 2005. p. 165-172.

Miller, Laura

New Yorker 87(8): 32-37. April 11, 2011.

Valente, Catherynne M.

In: Rogers, Brett M. and Stevens, Benjamin E., eds. Once and Future Antiquities in Science Fiction and Fantasy. New York: Bloomsbury, 2019. p. 199-203.

Atherton, Tony

Ottawa Citizen p. D10. December 18, 2000. (Cited from Lexis-Nexis)

Campbell, Bruce

in: Campbell, Bruce B., Guenther-Pal, Alison, and Petersen, Vibeke R., eds. Detectives, Dystopias, and Poplit: Studies in Modern German Genre Fiction. Rochester, NY : Camden House, 2014. p. 133-151.

Williams, David E.

CFQ: Cinefantastique 35(2): 65. April/May 2003.

No authors listed.

in: Tandy, Heidi H., ed. Selected Papers from Nimbus-2003. Compendium. Houston, TX: HP Education Fanon, 2005. p. 61-74.

Oziewicz, Marek

New York: Routledge, 2015. 257 p.

Rutledge, Amelia A.

Tolkien Studies 9: 59-74. 2012.

Jankiewicz, Pat

Starlog 294: 28-33. January 2002.

Gonzalez, George A.

Foundation No. 123: 5-13. 2016.

Broderick, Mick

in: Miller, Cynthia J. and Van Riper, A. Bowdoin, eds. 1950s �Rocketman� TV Series and Their Fans: Cadets, Rangers, and Junior Space Men. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012. p. 193-212.

Little, Tricia; Taliaferro, Charles

in: Sanford, Jonathan J., ed. Spider-man and Philosophy: the Web of Inquiry. Hoboken : John Wiley, 2012. p. 177-187.

Leroy, Christine

Belphegor: Litterature populaire et culture mediatique. Electronic Journal. 11(1), 2013.

Held, Jacob M.

in: South, James B., ed. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Philosophy: Fear and Trembling in Sunnydale. Chicago: Open Court, 2003. p. 227-238.

Hull, Elizabeth A.

Extrapolation 20(1):38-49. Spring 1979.

McBride, Sam

Lamp Post 20(3): 4-16. Autumn 1996.

No authors listed.

Texas Monthly 38(7): 46, 48. July 2010.

No authors listed.

Locus 76(5): 54. May 2016.

Bradford, K. Tempest

Fantasy Magazine [10 p.] January 30, 2008. (Online resource:

Jennings, Lee B.

Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts 9(4): 303-312. 1998.

Fernandez-Delgado, Miguel A.

Alambique: Revista acad�mica de ciencia ficci�n y fantasia/Jornal acad�mico de fic��o cient�fica e fantas�a: Vol. 1: Iss. 1, Article 1. DOI: 10.5038/2167-6577.1.1 Available at: Accessed 19.Feb.2014.

No authors listed.

Science Fiction Chronicle 11(8): 12. May 1990.

No authors listed.

Locus 24(6): 68. June 1990.

Grassman, Peter

AB Bookman's Weekly 76(18): 3108-3113. October 28, 1985.

Wilton, S. M.

Journal of Reading 24(7): 608-611. April 1981.

Molson, Francis J.

Children's Literature 6:202-211. 1977.

No authors listed.

in: Ash, Brian, ed. Visual Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. New York: Harmony, 1977. pp. 322-328.

Wingrove, David

Vector 81:4-7. June 1977.

Pignataro, Margarita E.

in: Merla-Watson, Cathryn J.; Olguin, B. V., eds. Altermundos: Latin@ Speculative Literature, Film, and Popular Culture. Los Angeles: UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center Press, 2017. p. 327-339.

Luckhurst, Roger

in: Bould, Mark, et al, eds. Fifty Key Figures in Science Fiction. New York: Routledge, 2010. p. 12-17.

Woodward, Jennifer

in: Bould, Mark, et al, eds. Fifty Key Figures in Science Fiction. New York: Routledge, 2010. p. 215-220.

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