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Mauro, Fabien

Lyon: Aardvark, 2020. 544 p.

Jones, Gwyneth

in: Hollinger, Veronica and Gordon, Joan, eds. Edging into the Future: Science Fiction and Contemporary Cultural Transformation. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2002. pp. 174-189.

Lewis, David

in: Magill, Frank N., ed. Survey of Science Fiction Literature, Vol. 3. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Salem Press, 1979. pp. 1106-1109.

Strada, Michael J.

Journal of Popular Culture 20(3):179-198. Winter 1986.

Tolley, Clive

Mallorn: Journal of the Tolkien Society No. 15: 13-15. September 1980.

No authors listed.

Unesco Courier 15(6): 16. June 1962.

Aldiss, Brian W.

in: Aldiss, Brian W. The Detached Retina: Aspects of SF and Fantasy. Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University Press, 1995. pp.159-169.

No authors listed.

Locus 62(2): 81. February 2009.

Pias, Claus

in: Macho, Thomas/Wunschel, Annette, eds. Science & Fiction: Über Gedankenexperimente in Wissenschaft, Philosophie und Literatur. Frankfurt-am-Main: Wunschel Verlag, 2004. p. 81-100.

Lundwall, S. J.

in: Magill, Frank N., ed. Survey of Science Fiction Literature, Vol. 3. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Salem Press, 1979. pp. 1110-1113.

Westfahl, Gary

In: Wylutzki, Melanie and Kettlitz, Hardy, eds. Das Science Fiction Jahr 2021. Berlin: Hirnkost, 2021. p. 23-32.

No authors listed.

Locus 47(4): 11. October 2001.

Lorenz, Desiree; Reyns-Chikuma, Chris

In: Lewis, A. David and Lund, Martin, eds. Muslim Superheroes Comics, Islam, and Representation. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2023. p. 63-87.

Staite, Sophia

In: Piatti-Parnell, Lorna, ed. Superhero Multiverse, The: Readapting Comic Book Icons in Twenty--First Century Film and Popular Media. Lanham: Lexington Books, 2022. p. 235-248.

Staite, Sophia

M/C Journal 24(5). 2021.

Leeper, Mark R.

Lan's Lantern 21: 33. October 1987.

No authors listed.

Cinefantastique 2(3):16-19. Winter 1973.

FranReitinger, Franz

in: Pochat, Gotz/Wagner, Brigitte, ed. Utopie: Gesellschaftformen Kunstlertraume. Gratz: Akademische Druk- und Verlagsanstalt Graz, 1996. p. 100-140.

Coxhead, Aksana L.

In: Koebner, Thomas, ed. Filmgenres: Science Fiction. Stuttgart: Reclam, 2003. p. 76-82.

No authors listed.

Science Fiction Chronicle 14(6): 16. March 1993.

Cairns, Bryan L.

Cinefantastique 34(6): 29. October/November 2002.

Mulhall, Stephen

In: Mulhall, Stephen. On film. 2nd edition. New York: Routledge, 2008. p. 13-45.

No authors listed.

Locus 41(6): 68. December 1998.

No authors listed.

Science Fiction Chronicle 21(2): 45. February/March 2000.

No authors listed.

Burroughs Bulletin No. 42: 30-31. Spring 2000.

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