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Moylan, Tom

Arena Journal # 35/36: 22-44. 2011. Also in: In: Moylan, Tom, Levitas, Ruth, and Wegner, Phillip, eds. Becoming Utopian: The Culture and Politics of Radical Transformation. New York: Bloomsbury Academic, 2022. p. 129-165.

No authors listed.

Charlotte Observer June 9, 1989. in: NewsBank. Film and Television 72:A8. 1989.

McWhorter, George T.

Burroughs Bulletin No. 5: 3-7. January 1991.

No authors listed.

Cambridge, MA: , 1983. 74 p.

No authors listed.

Cambridge, MA: New England Science Fiction Association, 1983. 64 p.

Schlarb, Damien B.

in: Redling, Erik and Scheiding, Oliver, eds. Handbook of the American Short Story. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter,2022. p. 661-682.

Alter, Alexandra

The New York Times. August 24, 2016. [4 p.] Online resource: ://

Jemisin, N. K.

In: Mohanraj, Mary A., ed. The WisCon Chronicles, Volume 9: Intersections and Alliances. Seattle: Aqueduct Press, 2015. p. 14-20.

Hiles, Marianna

The Sigma Tau Delta Review 20: 132-139. 2023.

Golcoechea, Maria

In: McFarlane, Anna, Murphy, Graham J., and Schmeink, Lars, eds. Fifty Key Figures In Cyberpunk Culture. New York: Routledge, 2022. p. 78-83.

No authors listed.

Variety pp. 5, 22. February 27, 1974.

Matthews, Cate

Time Magazine 195(20/21): 98. June 1, 2020.

Newkirk, Van R., II.

The Atlantic. September 2, 2016. [7 p.] Online:

No authors listed.

Science Fiction Chronicle 6(7): 26. April 1985.

No authors listed.

Science Fiction Chronicle 2(8):18. May 1981.

Kharitonov, Evgeni; Shcherbak-Zhukov, Andrei

Moscow: NII Kinoiskusstva, 2003. 320 p.

Kuwada, Bryan Kamaoli

In: Yoshinaga, Ida, Guynes, Sean and Canavan, Gerry, eds. Uneven Futures: Strategies for Community Survival from Speculative Fiction. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2022. p. 325-332.

Lousa, Pilar Lago; Rusche, Ana

Abusoes 6(2 [12]); 10-50. 2020.

Martins, Ana Claudia Aymore

In: Prado, Amanda and Cavalcanti, Ildney, eds. Utopias sonhadas/distopias anunciadas: feminismo, gênero e cultura queer na literature. João Pessoa: Editora UFPB, 2019. p. 149-158.

Dedinova, Tereza

Brno: Filozofická fakulta, Masarykova univerzita, 2016. 373 p.

No authors listed.

Locus 76(5): 5. May 2016.

Swanson, Roy A.

Science Fiction Studies 2(1):76-88. March 1975.

Nicol, Charles

Science Fiction Studies 14(1):9-20. March 1987.

Rottensteiner, Franz

in: Magill, Frank N., ed. Survey of Science Fiction Literature, Vol. 3. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Salem Press, 1979. pp. 1468-1471.

Neuhaus, Dietrich

In: Frolich, Margrit, Middel, Reinhard, and Visarius, Karsten, eds. Nach dem Ende: Auflösung und Untergänge in Kino an der Jahrtausendwende. Marburg: Schuren, 2001. p. 39-48.

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