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Eshbach, L. A.

Philadelphia: Train, 1983. 417 p.

Scoular, Bryan T.

Forum of Modern Language Studies 44(4): 445-459. October 2008.

Czerneda, Julie E.

in: Weisman, Kevin Alias Assumed: Sex, Lies, and SD-6. Dallas, Tex. : BenBella Books, 2005. p. 183-190.

Caldecott, Stratford

in: Pearce, Joseph, ed. Tolkien: A Celebration. London: Fount, 1999. pp. 17-33.

Schneider, Karen

Master's Thesis, Colorado State University, 1984. 105 p.

Bastian, D. M.; Doering, David

Leading Edge No. 2:44-50. 1981.

Crawford, Gary W.

in: Schweitzer, Darrell, ed. Discovering Classic Horror Fiction I. Mercer Island, WA: Starmont, 1992. pp.53-57.

Philips, Meredith

Paperback Parade No. 2:37-42. February 1987.

Miller, Bob

Starlog 346: 18-22. June 2006.

Kessel, John

Locus 78(6): 11, 68-69. June 2017.

Langsdale, Samantha

In: Peppard, Anna F., ed. Supersex: Sexuality, Fantasy and the Superheroes. Austin: University of Texas Press, 2020. p. 199-220

Nathanson, Paul

Albany: State University of New York Press, 1991. 432pp.

Mamatas, Nick

in: Brin, David, ed. King Kong is Back! Dallas, TX: Benbella Books, 2005. p. 13-18.

Disch, Thomas M.

in: Disch, Thomas M. On SF. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press, 2005. p. 245-247.

Ridler, Jason S.

in: Mamatas, Koushun and Washington, Masumi, eds. Battle Royale Slam Book: Essays on the Cult Classic by Koushun Takami. San Francisco: Haikasour, 2014. p. 75-86.

Sapiro, Leland

Riverside Quarterly 5(4):278-286. April 1972.

Budgen, Gary

Focus (BSFA) No. 58: 20-21. Spring 2012.

Malzberg, Barry N.; Sassaman, Richard

in: Malzberg, Barry N. Breakfast in the Ruins: Science Fiction in the Last Millennium. New York: Baen, 2007. p. 267-273.

Lewis, Bob

Infoworld 18(52/53): 54. December 23/30, 1996.

Kociemba, David

Slayage 5(3): [20 p.]. February 2006. (No. 19)

No authors listed.

Chronicle 25(5): 8. June 2003. (No. 236)

Knight, Damon

in: Knight, Damon. In Search of Wonder: Essays on Modern Science Fiction. 3rd Edition, Enlarged and Extended. Chicago, IL: Advent: Publishers, 1996. p. 180-182.

Shulgasser, Barbara

San Francisco (CA) Examiner. February 21, 1992. in: NewsBank. Film and Television. 24:G1. 1992

Riggio, Adam

in: Lewis, Courtland and Smithka, Paula, eds. Doctor Who and Philosophy: Bigger on the Inside. Chicago, IL: Open Court, 2010. p. 249-260.

Fletcher, Samuel

Master's Thesis, Wake Forest University, 2012. 148 p. (MAI 50(6), December 2012)

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