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Burleson, Donald R.

Studies in Weird Fiction No. 1: 29-32. Summer 1986.

Hu, Jasmine

Camera Obscura 36(2, [107]: 33–63. 2021.

Pearce, Richard

in: Levine, George, ed. One Culture: Essays in Science and Literature. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1987. pp.164-179.

No authors listed.

Locus 34(1) 66. January 1995.

Birks, Annie

In: Fornet-Ponse, Thomas, et al., eds. Nature and Landscape in Tolkien: Interdisziplinares Seminar der DTG 9.bis 11. Mai 2014. Bonn: Scriptorium Oxoniae, 2014. (Hither Shore, Band 11) p. 52-63.

Kirk, Brian

In: Mynhardt, Joe and Johnson, Eugene, eds. It's Alive! Bringing Nightmares to Life. South Africa: Crystal Lake Publishing, 2018. p. 155-166.

Mosiman, Billie S.

The Report: The Fiction Writer's Magazine No. 9: 6-7. March 1993.

Delany, Samuel R.

In: Delany, Samuel R. Occasional Views, Volume Two: “The Gamble” and Other Essays. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan University Press, 2021. p. 330-339.

Duchamp, L. Timmel

in: Duchamp, L. Timmel. The Wiscon Chronicles, Volume 1. Seattle, WA: Acqueduct, 2007. p. 170-178.

Wittkower, D. E.

in: Wittkower, D. E. and Rush, Lucinda, eds. Ender's Game and Philosophy: Genocide in Child's Play. Chicago: Open Court, 2013. p. 181-190.

Sklar, Howard

Paradoxa No. 21: 185-205. 2008.

Persons, Dan

Cinefantastique 38(2): 50-53. March/April 2006.

Moir, Patricia

Cinefantasitque 27(6): 44-47. February 1996.

Stableford, Brian

in: Stableford, Brian. Slaves of the Death Spiders and Other Essays on Fantastic Literature. s.l.: Borgo Press/Wildside Press, 2007. p. 145-158.

McLachlan, James M.

In: Bunce, Robin and McCrossin, Trip, eds. Blade Runner 2049 and Philosophy. Chicago: Open Court, 2019. p. 163-170.

Cherry, Brigid

in: Abbott, Stacey and Lavery, David, eds. TV Goes to Hell An Unofficial Road Map to Supernatural. Toronto: ECW Press, 2011. p. 203-218.

Smithka, Paula

in: Lewis, Courtland and Smithka, Paula, eds. Doctor Who and Philosophy: Bigger on the Inside. Chicago, IL: Open Court, 2010. p. 271-282.

Davis, Kathy S.

Ph. D. Dissertation, Ohio State University, 1999. 247 p.

Jeschonek, Robert T.

in: Wilson, Leah, ed. In the Hunt: Unauthorized Essays on Supernatural. Dallas, TX: Benbella Books, 2009. p. 67-76.

Panshin, Alexei

EI 7(3): 8-71. June 2008. No. 38)

M�nard, Sylvain

Rosi�res-en-Haye: Camion blanc, 2016. 723 p.

Hirsch, David

Starlog 180: 76-80. July 1992.

Edwards, Graham

Cinefex 154: 78-98. August 2017.

Jenkins, Jennifer L.

in: McMahon, Jennifer L., ed. The Philosophy of Tim Burton. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 2014. p. 171-192.

No authors listed.

Locus 11(1):2-3. January/February 1978.

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