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Garcia, Frank

Starlog 135:78-80, 88. October 1988.

No authors listed.

Chronicle 26(11; [#253]): 23. November 2004.

Thomas, G. W.

Phantastes: The Online Journal of Fantasy Criticism. 2(1): [5pp.] Fall 1999.

No authors listed.

in: Authors & Artists for Young Adults, Volume 42. Farmington Hills, MI: Gale Group, 2002. p. 197-202.

Scapperotti, Dan

Cinefantastique 17(5):47. September 1987.

D'Angelo, Carr

Starlog 119: 65-68. June 1987.

Thompson, Raymond H.

in: Thompson, Raymond H. Taliesin�s Successors: Interviews. (The Camelot Project: Arthurian Texts, Images, Bibliographies and Basic Information) (Online Resource: [13 p.]

No authors listed.

Science Fiction Chronicle 2(4):4. January 1981.

No authors listed.

Locus 13(11):3. November 1980.

No authors listed.

Science Fiction Chronicle 2(6):12. March 1981.

Porter, Andrew

Starship 18(1): 41. Spring 1981.

Grinney, Albert

Interzone No. 208: 60. February 2007.

Bond, Jeff

Cinefantastique 36(5): 58. October/November 2004.

Slusser, George E.

in: Westfahl, Gary, ed. The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy: Themes, Works, and Wonders. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 2005. p. 777-779.

Kovacs, Christopher S.

New York Review of Science Fiction 24(11; [#287]): 1, 8-13. July 2012.

Husarik, Stephen

in: Bartkowiak, Mathew J., ed. Sounds of the Future: Essays on Music in Science Fiction Film. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2010. p. 164-176.

Palwick, Susan

in: Duchamp, L. Timmel, ed. Narrative Power: Encounters, Celebrations, Struggles. Seattle, WA: Aqueduct Press, 2010. p. 152-159.

Berman, Ruth

Ph. D. Dissertation, University of Minnesota, 1979. 358 p. (DAI-A 40(2).)

Hubbard, L. Ron

in: Budrys, Algis, ed. Writers of the Future, Volume VI. Los Angeles: Bridge, 1990. pp. 83-92. Reprinted in: in: Writer: the Shaping of Popular Fiction. Commerce, Calif. : Bridge Publications, 2012. p. 75-82.

Ramsland, Katherine

In: Hoppenstand, Gary and Roberts, Garyn G., eds. Early Thrillers of Dean Koontz, The: Essays on the Evolution of a Writer, 1973–1984. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2023. p. 194-206.

Asimov, Isaac

Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine 15(3): 4-8. March 1991.

Asimov, Isaac

Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine 15(4/5): 4-8. April 1991.

No authors listed.

in: Tymn, M. B. and Ashley, Mike. Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Weird Fiction Magazines. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1985. pp. 640-641.

No authors listed.

Fantasy Times No. 149:1. March (1) 1952.

Asimov, Isaac

in: Asimov, Isaac. Gold: The Final Science Fiction Collection. New York: HarperPrism, 1995. p. 259-262.

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