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Nevarez, Lisa A.

in: Hobson, Amanda and Anyiwo, U. Melissa, eds. Gender in the Vampire Narrative. Boston: Sense, 2016. p. 29-44.

Holte, James C.

in: South, Malcolm, ed. Mythical and Fabulous Creatures. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1987. pp.243-264.

Rowen, Michelle

New York: RazorBill, 2011. 385 p.

Heimerl, Theresia; Helden, Dunkle

Marburg: Sch�ren, 2011. 197 p.

Hendershot, Cyndy

Science Fiction Studies 22(3): 373-398. November 1995

Hollinger, Veronica

in: Davison, Carol M. Bram Stoker's Dracula: Sucking Through the Century, 1897-1997. Toronto: Dudurn Press, 1997. p. 213-230.

Clasen, Mathias

Philosophy and Literature 34(2): 313-328. October 2010.

Vicari, Justin

Jump Cut No. 49: [19 p.] Spring 2007.

Thonen, John

Cinefantastique 30(9/10): 17. November 1998.

Carroll, Hamilton

Genre 38(4): 371-388. Winter 2005.

Ramsland, Katherine

Journal of Dracula Studies No. 2: [8 p.]. 2000.

Jordan, John J.

Journal of Popular Film & Television 27(2): 4-15. Summer 1999.

Jordan, John J.

Journal of Popular Film and Television 27(2): 4-15. Summer 1999.

Wall, Brian; Zryd, Michael

in: Kaveney, Roz, ed. Reading the Vampire Slayer: An Unofficial Critical Companion to Buffy and Angel. London, New York: Tauris Parke Paperbacks, 2002. p. 53-77.

Ibarra, Enrique A.

in: Bacon, Simon and Bronk, Katarzyna, eds. Undead Memory: Vampires and Human Memory in Popular Culture. New York: Peter Lang, 2014. p. 157-183.

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in: Heldreth, Leonard G./Pharr, Mary, eds. The Blood is the Life: Vampires in Literature. Bowling Green, OH: Bowling Green State University Popular Press, 1999. p. 261-266.

Barker, Vicki J.

Salt Lake City Deseret News November 24, 1988. in: NewsBank. Film and Television 12:A3. 1989.

McQueen, Michae A.

Master's Thesis, Florida Atlantic University, 1999. 99 p.

Aubrey, James

Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2020. 330 p.

Smith, Gary A.

Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2017. 232 p.

Jenkins, Mark

Washington, D.C.: National Geographic, 2010. 303 p.

Morris, Wesley

Boston Globe Sec. G, p. 11. January 8, 2010.

Tenga, Angela; Zimmerman, Elizabeth

Gothic Studies 15(1): 76-87. May 2013.

French, Lawrence

Cinefantastique 27(2): 44-45, 61. November 1995.

Hallab, Mary Y.

Albany, NY: State University of New York Press, 2007. 169 p.

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