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Cerone, Daniel H.

Los Angeles (CA) Times. March 23, 1995. in: NewsBank. Film and Television. 51:B13-B14. 1995.

Garcia, Frank; Phillips, Mark

in: Garcia, Frank and Phillips, Mark. Science Fiction Television Series, 1990-2004: Histories, Casts and Credits for 58 Shows. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2009. p. 361-365.

Millman, Joyce

San Francisco (CA) Examiner. March 10, 1995. in: NewsBank. Film and Television. 39:F1-F2. 1995.

Roth, Lane

Literature/Film Quarterly 13(3):180-186. 1985.

Engelmann, Bernt, ed.

Munich: Goldmann, 1979. 325 p.

Landais, Clotilde

in: Astic, Guy and Marigny, Jean, eds. Colloque de Cerisy 2007, Autour de Stephen King, l'horreur contemporaine. Paris: Bragelonne, 2007. p. 49-62.

Carter, Carmen

in: Irwin, Walter and Love, G. B., eds. The Best of the Best of Trek. New York: Roc, 1990. pp.351-356.

Spelling, Ian

Starlog 286: 21-24. May 2001.

Spelling, Ian

Starlog 320: 26-29. March 2004.

Swires, Steve

in: McDonnell, David, ed. Starlog's Science Fiction Heroes and Heroines. New York: Crescent Books, 1995. pp.50-54.

Spelling, Ian

Starlog 277: 28-29. August 2000.

Robitaille, S. J.

in: Hokenson, Jan, ed. Forms of the Fantastic. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1986. pp.109-117.

Calverley, Ros

Focus: An SF Writer's Magazine (BSFA) No. 9: 30-36. Autumn 1984.

Mlodinow, Leonard

Newsweek 153(18): 56-59. May 4, 2009.


in: Boone, Mark J. and Neece, Kevin C., eds. Science Fiction and the Abolition of Man: Finding C.S. Lewis in Sci-Fi Film and Television. Eugene, OR: Pickwick, 2017. p. 39-54.

Card, Orson S.

in: Bishop, Michael, ed. Nebula Award Stories 25. San Diego, CA: Harcourt, 1991. pp.183-199.

Workman, Nancy

Studies in Canadian Literature 25(2): 131-144. 2000.

Mossner, Alexa Weik von

Textual Practice 31(3): 553-566. May 2017.

Harbottle, Philip; Holland, Stephen

San Bernardino, CA: Borgo Press, 1992. 128pp.

Proietti, Salvatore

in: De Angelis, Valerio Massimo/Rossi, Umberto, eds. Trasmigrazioni: i mondi di Philip K. Dick. Firenze: Le Monnier, 2006. p. 204-216.

No authors listed.

Science Fiction Chronicle 15(8): 6. June 1994.

No authors listed.

Science Fiction Chronicle 16(6): 4. May 1995.

Brady, Sara; Mantoan, Lindsey

Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2018. 222 p.

Arbitman, Roman

Detskaya Lietatura 5: 6-10. 1993.

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