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Robinson, Roger

Harold Wood, Essex: Beccon, 1984. 51pp. "Revised and updated."

Townsend, John R.

Philadelphia: Lippencott, 1975. 368pp.

Makins, Marian

in: Bost-Fievet, M. and Provini, S., eds. L’Antiquité dans l’imaginaire contemporain: Fantasy, science-fiction, fantastique, ed. M. Bost-Fiévet and S. Provini,. Paris: Classiques Garnier, 2014. p. 339–358.

Romine, Dannye

Charlotte (NC) Observer March 17, 1991. in: NewsBank. Literature 25: B13-C1. 1991.

Cristofari, Cecile

Strange Horizons [10 p.] August 23, 2010. (

Gass, Joanne

in: Tucker, Lindsey, ed. Critical Essays on Angela Carter. New York: G. K. Hall, 1998. pp. 145-158.

Gill, Josie

Modern Fiction Studies 60(4): 844-862. Winter 2014.

No authors listed.

New York Times p. 24. August 18, 1927.

McDonald, Fran

in: Alves, Artur Matos, ed. Unveiling the Posthuman. Oxford, UK: Interdisciplinary Press, 2012. p. 115-122.

Malzberg, B. N.

in: Malzberg, B. N. Engines of the Night. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1982. pp. 67-70. (Reprinted in: Gunn, James, ed. Speculations on Speculation. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow, 2005. p. 243-246.)

Williams, David E.

Cinefantastique 35(4): 64. August/September 2003

Ranzato, Emilio

s.l.: Sovera Edizioni, 2013. 142 p.

Sanders, J. L.

in: Tymn, M. B. and Ashley, Mike. Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Weird Fiction Magazines. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1985. pp. 844-845.

Flynn, George

Science Fiction Chronicle No. 208: 65. October-November 2000.

Flynn, George

Science Fiction Chronicle 19(3/4): 55-56. February 1998.

Flynn, George

Science Fiction Chronicle 20(3): 45. December 1998/January 1999.

Flynn, George

Science Fiction Chronicle 22(12): 25. December 2001. (No. 219)

No authors listed.

Fantasy Times No. 268:1-2. April (1) 1957.

No authors listed.

Science Fiction Times No. 295:1. June 1958.

No authors listed.

Science Fiction Times No. 290:1. March 1958.

Porter, Andrew I.

Science Fiction Chronicle 22(12): 8-9. December 2001. (No. 219)

Loiselle, Andre

In: Riekki, Ron, ed. The Many Lives of It: Essays on the Stephen King Horror Franchise. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2020. p. 169-180.

No authors listed.

Science Fiction Chronicle 9(5):14. February 1988.

Hollander , Hans

in: Ivanovic, Christine/Lehmann, Juergen/May, Markus, eds. Phantastik -Kult oder Kultur? Aspekte eines Phanomens in Kunst, Literatur und Film. Stuttgart: Verlag J. B. Metzler, 2003. p. 75-94.

Stockinger, Ludwig

in: Schenkel, Elmar, Schwarz, Wolfgang F., Stockinger, Ludwig and de Toro, Alfonso, eds. Die Magische Schreibmaschine: Aufs�tze zur Tradition des Phantastischen in der Literatur. Frankfurt-am-Main: Vervuert Verlag, 1998. pp. 103-138.

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