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Barker, Martin; Brooks, Kate

Sight and Sound 5(8): 16-19. August 1995.

Kenyon, Theo J.

Peoria Journal Star [3 p.] March 16, 2003. (Cited from

Benford, Gregory

Steam Engine Time No. 3: 3-5. December 2001.

MacPherson, Jay

in: Graham, Kenneth W., ed. Gothic Fictions: Prohibition/Transgression. New York: AMS Press, 1989. pp.245-258.

Schatt, Stanley

Journal of the American Studies Association of Texas 4:102-108. 1973.

Ingersoll, Earl G.

Studies in the Novel 35(4): 543-558. Winter 2003.

Gaiman, Neil

in: Gaiman, Neil. The View From the Cheap Seats: Selected Non-Fiction. New York: Morrow, 2016. p. 402-414.

Whaley, Katherine E.; Wigard, Justin

in: Sommers, Joseph M., ed. Critical Insights: The American Comic Book. Ipswich: Salem Press, 2014. p. 200-218.

Spelling, Ian

Starlog No. 371: 56-59. December 2008.

Ose, Elisabeth Abena

Critical Studies in Media Communication 37(4): 378-390. 2020.

Maverick, Christopher

In: Darowski, Joseph J., ed. The Ages of the Black Panther: Essays On the King of Wakanda in Comic Books. Jefferson, NC : McFarland, 2020. p. 64-75.

Thompson, Debra

In: Grant, Judith and Parson, Sean, eds. Representations of Political Resistance and Emancipation in Science Fiction. Lanham, MD : Lexington Books, 2021. p. 93-112.

Alaniz, Jose

In: Darowski, Joseph J., ed. The Ages of the Black Panther: Essays On the King of Wakanda in Comic Books. Jefferson, NC : McFarland, 2020. p. 76-98.

Flannery-Dailey, Frances; Wagner, Rachel

Journal of Religion and Film 5(2): [16 p.] October 2001. (Cited from an online posting.)

Flannery-Dailey, Frances; Wagner, Rachel

in: Grau, Christopher, ed. Philosophers Explore The Matrix. New York: Oxford University Press, 2005. p. 258-287.

Gillespie, Bruce

EI 3(3): [11-21]. June 2004. (Online at:

Gillespie, Bruce

Scratch Pad No. 55: 5-11. April 2004. (Reprinted: Science Fiction: A Review of Speculative Literature No. 46: 5-17. 2009.) Reprinted in: Broderick, Damien and Ikin, Van, eds. Fantastika: At the Edge of Reality, Yet More Best of Science Fiction. Rockville, MD: Wildside Press, 2014. p. 182-194.

McIntyre, Gina

Cinefantastique 35(1): 20-21. February/March 2003.

Baker, Jayson

in: Detora, Lisa M., ed. Heroes of Film, Comics and American Culture: Essays on Real and Fictional Defenders of Home. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2009. p. 268-280.

Juby, Susan

in: Brennan, Herbie, ed. Through the Wardrobe: Your Favorite Authors on C. S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia. Dallas, TX: BenBella, 2010. p. 165-174.

Ferguson, Malcolm

in: Roberts, James P., ed. Return to Derleth: Selected Essays. Madison, WI: White Hawk Press, 1993. pp. 47-52.

Hassler, Donald M.

in: Magill, Frank N., ed. Survey of Science Fiction Literature, Vol. 5. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Salem Press, 1979. pp. 2392-2395.

Wolfe, Peter

Studies in the Literary Imagination 6(2): 11-26. Fall 1973.

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Locus 34(3): 8, 77. March 1995.

No authors listed.

Locus 32(2): 8, 73. February 1994.

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